I haven't had these nightmares until we started going out a few years ago. Should I split off?

*Guys,this Movella talks about self harm. If you self harm,please stop. It's not worth it. You're all beautiful to me. Every single one of you.*


7. Chapter 7

*Louis POV*

I came home from a Photoshoot,the boys with me. I don't know why was only around 2 in the afternoon. "Jade's a little under the weather,I'm gonna check on her,you guys can come if you want. But if you stay here,Don't break anything." I say,heading to the bedroom. They all follow,wanting to see her again. It's been a few months since they've seen her. I opened the door to see her on the bed,the blankets on the floor. She had on her hoodie,her legs parted slightly,revealing her green panties. I climbed on the bed next to her,the boys watching. "Jade,love,the boys are hear to see you." I say quietly,shaking her. "Is she...okay?" Niall asks. I turn her towards me,moving her hair out of her face.

"No,Niall. She isn't." Harry says,pointing to the bedside table. An empty pill bottle sat on its side,an empty glass next to it. "No. No,no,no,no,no!" I whisper,searching for a pulse in her wrist. "Help me.." I say,barely audible. "Louis,it's too late." Liam says,his voice shaking. "It can't be.." I say,my voice cracking. 

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