I haven't had these nightmares until we started going out a few years ago. Should I split off?

*Guys,this Movella talks about self harm. If you self harm,please stop. It's not worth it. You're all beautiful to me. Every single one of you.*


6. Chapter 6

*Louis POV*

It was pretty late. It was dark. And storming. I didn't say anything to Jade about her weight. I didn't want her to get upset. She had eaten some Yogurt and a few pretzels,but refused to eat anything else. I was laying in bed,wearing a pair of old Basketball shorts. Jade ran in,then jumped onto the bed. "Someone's excited." I say,staring out the window as lightening struck. "I'm scared,actually." She whispers,crawling beneath all of the covers. She had her grey hoodie on. The one that ended just above her knees. The one she wore every night. "Of?" I ask,watching her vanish beneath the blankets. She pulls on my hand,so I join her. 

"I can't see you." I say,laughing. Within a few seconds,a kiss is placed on my ear. "Was that your mouth?" She asks,and I shake my head,a small chuckle escaping my mouth. "My ear. Now what's wrong?" I see some movement,then notice she left. 

I follow the sound of her feet padding along the floor the dark house. I end up in the living room,the only room that has a light on. Couch cushions are gathered together,a sheet covering a few parts. She peeks her head out,smiling. "This is my Storm Fort." Jade giggles,motioning for me to get in the fort. I crawl in,noticing that its completely dark. "Uh...Jade,Babe,This is nice and all...but it's brighter out there." I say,and she flicks on a flashlight,setting it between us. 


*Jades POV*

I hate storms. A lot. And to make this worse,Louis was upstairs. And the hallway is dark. I threw together a simple Fort Of Pillows. I ran,literally ran,up to Lou. I got him to come to the fort,and now we're cuddling. He's fallen asleep,his arms around me. I pulled out my phone,and went to Twitter,like I do every night while he's sleeping. I go to my last Tweet. I had Tweeted a photo of Louis and I at Starbucks. Some comments were compliments. But more than half of them were hate. Saying I looked fat. Saying I looked anorexic. Saying I was ugly. Saying he was too good. Saying I don't deserve him. Saying I should leave him. Saying I should die. I can't understand how people can be so cruel. Especially because they've never met me. How can Louis just ignore hate? How can he just brush it off? 

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