I haven't had these nightmares until we started going out a few years ago. Should I split off?

*Guys,this Movella talks about self harm. If you self harm,please stop. It's not worth it. You're all beautiful to me. Every single one of you.*


2. Chapter 2

I opened my eyes,cold sweat covering my body. I turned my head to see Jade's body,asleep next to me. I sighed from relief,but also in fear. I've had that nightmare before. It's never been that detailed before. It was around 9AM,so I decided to stay up. I pulled her close,her back to my chest. I played with her hair for a bit,then she smiled a small smile,and I knew she was awake,but she kept her eyes closed. "You're beautiful." I whisper into her ear,kissing the spot behind her ear. She giggled,and turned to face me. "You know that tickles,right?" Her arms are pulled to her chest,her hands in loose fists. "Wanna get Starbucks?" She asked when I didn't reply. "Yeah,we don't have any food in the house anyway." I smile,and she stretches. I stand,but she grabs my wrist,pulling me back as far as she could. "Don't leave me yet! I'm cold." She whined. Chills are sent down my spine. 'Don't leave me yet.' Nightmares. "Only if you won't leave me." I state,sitting next to her. "What?" Her eyes filled with confusion. I shake my head,pull her into my arms,and carry her to the closet. "You get ready,I'm calling in sick." I say,and run downstairs before she can ask any questions. 

"Haz,tell Paul I'm sick." 

"Why? Do you have the flu?" He questions.

"I had another one of those...nightmares. This time,she committed when I came home from the studio. What if the nightmares are warnings?" I say,worried. 

"Lou,you're being paranoid. Nothing's going to happen. But yeah,I'll tell Paul that you're 'sick.' But we really need you for the new album." He sighs. 

"I know. And thanks." I say,hanging up the phone. 

Jade runs down the stairs in shorts,a hoodie,Vans,and sunglasses. "Why a hoodie?" I question,and she points to a window. "Rain.."

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