Free at last

Ameilia is a typical 14 year old girl in search of her father who went missing at sea... will she find him? Or will she get more than she bargained for?


4. Saying goodbye

God... saying goodbye.. now that day was hard.


I remember, I got up at six just so I could have a shower. I then sat in the shower.. and I cried... I fucking cried?! I mean, c'mon, I barely knew the guy but yet, I still felt some sort of connection between the two of us. After I got out, I wrapped up in a towel and just lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling.. wondering what the day had in store for me.


At roughly seven, I sat up, sighed and decided to get ready. Quickly throwing on a pair of black skinnies and an old band tee, I dried my hair and was up and out the house for half seven. Which was quite remarkable considering I don't usually wake up until about 11 if I don't need too.


Making my way down to the harbour, I felt quite sad to be honest. I don't know why.. It was just one of those feelings you get. I also had this strange gut feeling that something wasn't right, but y'know as people usually do, I decided to ignore it. I put my headphones in, and listened to some Hollywood Undead to lighten the mood. Of course, I think I got a bit too carried away as apparently I was singing, strutting and dancing all the way there!


When I got there, I checked the time. 7:55, five minutes early. I looked around, frantically searching for my dad. I spotted him, on this small boat called "Life" and I ran over. I gave him a massive hug and the tears started. Sobbing uncontrollably, I tried to get the words out but I couldn't. He managed to calm me down, hushing me and holding me close, although I could see that he was close to tears himself.


He told me he'd be back soon, he wasn't away for long, only two months. Not that long my arse. He told me that I'd be able to get in contact with him by phone but only every Monday for some weird ass reason. I then begged him not to leave... yes, I begged. I cried and I cried but he said he had to go, he wanted to.


I gave him one final hug, we said our goodbyes and before I knew it.. he was off. Gone. I just let him go, just like that. I waved to him, tears flooding down my face. He waved back, a single tear escaping his eye and he quickly wiped it away. Why did I let him go?

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