Free at last

Ameilia is a typical 14 year old girl in search of her father who went missing at sea... will she find him? Or will she get more than she bargained for?


7. Heading out to sea

We got on the boat, wandered down the stairs into the cabin area and put our bags on the beds. It was a bit cramped.. but what do you expect?  We were on a fishing boat after all.


I bounced on the bed for a bit... not quite sure why though. I guess I just wanted to see if it was comfy enough for me to sleep on. It was a bit hard (giggidy) but I decided it'd do. Lee and I then went onto the deck and untied the rope from the wooden pole that was anchoring it to the harbour. Then off we went.


The first couple of days were hard. Lee ate loads and driving the boat on the rough seas wasn't that easy. I'd be going one way and then the sea would ram against the boat and then I'd be going a different way. Lee and I took turns steering the boat and resting. Because obviously we cant sleep at the same time as then there would be no one driving the boat and we would most certainly die.


The journey out to sea was extremely rough. Sometimes it would be calm, but then al of a sudden the weather would change and we were in the middle of a fat persons game of water volleyball. The waves slamming against the boat, coming from all directions. The wind, howling and screaming at us, in anger, as if we weren't wanted there.


I hardly slept at all the first couple of days. Having at most, two hours sleep. It was horrible, it was freezing and it was wet.


Three days past and it was early morning. I stretched and yawned having just woke up, I quickly shoved a few pairs of clothes on and headed out to the wheel house to swap with Lee.

"C'mon, time for you to get some rest" I said to him

"You sure? I can stay a little longer"

"Nah, I'm sure, you haven't slept for hours. On you go."

And off he went.


I stood at the wheel for a while just staring off into the distance, then something caught my eye. It intrigued me so I drove towards it and as I got closer, I realised that it was a boat... but I recognised this boat. Then it hit me, it was the boat my dad was on. I pulled the boat up beside it and took a look over the edge and I realised that the little boat they had on it in case of emergencies was gone. I looked around to see if there was anywhere they could of gone, and sure enough there was a lighthouse not too far in the distance. I decided I was going to go and see if he was there.


When I got there, I woke up Lee and told him that my dad might be inside. We tied up the boat, grabbed a couple of torches and decided to go and have a look. We were standing at the base of this lighthouse. It was towering over us, making us feel as small as ants, helpless and scared. It took a while, but we eventually managed to open the door. Staring into the empty room, the darkness was pulling us in.

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