Free at last

Ameilia is a typical 14 year old girl in search of her father who went missing at sea... will she find him? Or will she get more than she bargained for?


3. Getting to know him

Sure enough, I met up with this guy claiming to be my dad a few days later. He goes by the name Mark. 


We sat in a café by the beach, talking for hours and getting to know each other. He was an only child, his mother passed away when he was a kid and his dad was an alcoholic. He said he always used to run away to the boat house, but every time he did his dad would come after him. His dad blamed him for his mum passing away, constantly telling him that it was his fault and he wished it was him that died that night, not her. His dad made him feel like he was nothing, like he was worthless.


One night, he ran. He didn't run to the boat house, he ran to the harbour and hid on a boat. He then curled up in a ball and cried himself to sleep and when he woke, he was out at sea. The skipper spotted him and called the captain. That is when he begged and begged the captain to let him stay with them and not to make him go home, telling them he could help out and he wouldn't get in the way.


So after a hard time thinking, the captain agreed to let him stay on the ship, on the condition that he worked for free. He agreed and spent the next two weeks hauling in fish. He laughed, and joked with the crew, met a great friend. One he still speaks too to this day, his name is Dave.


After returning to shore, Dave let Mark stay with him. Their friendship got stronger and stronger with every year that past. They went out to sea together frequently and Mark started a new life with his new friends. After being out at sea for a month, they returned with a successful haul and returned rich. By celebrating, they went out to the local bar, in which he met my mother.


He said "Her eyes sparkled brighter than the stars and her skin was as soft as silk". You see, my mum was a very beautiful young woman, her blonde hair fell perfectly to her waist and she was incredibly skinny. Every girl looked up to her and aimed to look like her. Mark fell in love with her, said his heart skipped every time he looked into her eyes and every time she smiled, he fell a little harder.


They got to know each other and surely, she fell in love too. From what he was saying, they were the perfect couple, they were inseparable. Spent each and every day talking on the phone, went out on dates, walked along the beach and cuddled and watched movies together. But after I was born, everything changed. My mum became more and more angry and depressed until she snapped and tried to kill my dad. That's when he decided it was better to disappear.


He told me not a day went by where he didn't think about me. He said he's been looking for me for years and now that he had found me, he was happier than ever. But he also said that he was leaving tomorrow, he was going out to sea again but he'd keep in contact.



He gave me his number, and he was off. Told me he was leaving tomorrow morning at eight o'clock sharp and he would like me to be there so he could say goodbye. Then he was off, and I went home.


*Authors note..*

Hello guys! Hope you're all enjoying my movella so far c: First time writing one so let me know what you think! Like if you like it and of course let me know if there is any improvements I could make :3 I will continue to write further chapters tomorrow night, keep reading guys! Cya!

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