Free at last

Ameilia is a typical 14 year old girl in search of her father who went missing at sea... will she find him? Or will she get more than she bargained for?


9. Free at last.

I was hanging there for what felt like weeks, rotting, dying. It was painful, I was just drained of all energy that I had. The pain was unbearable, I imagine it was the equivalent to getting burned by the sun whilst getting kicked in the balls repeatedly by someone wearing steel toe boots.


Finally, I could feel myself going, I was finally going. This was it, I was gone. Finally, an end to this pain. I closed my eyes... and when I opened them, I was sitting there in the corner. Confused, I stood up.. I looked at my arms, I had skin! But then I looked to my right and there I was, hanging from the ceiling. I felt like I wanted to leave, I didn't want to be there. I tried to leave, but it was like there was some sort of invisible force stopping me from leaving the room.



 I screamed and cried out in anger. I was stuck in the same room as my rotten corpse and several others, with no way of escaping. Trapped for an eternity and then god knows how many more will be added to this room. I was alone. Stuck here. But I guess in a twisted sense...



 I'm free at last.

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