I Don't Believe In Love

Luciana Green, daughter to the Prime Minister Green, is moving in with her father.

Your non-typical rich girl is about to make a drastic change in the life of people. Girl who doesn't believes in love, and keeps her life to herself.

What happens when five boys cross her path? But one of them makes her fall in love?


7. Phone Call



"No dad." I said to my father. "I totally understand that they need you more time there."


My father was now telling how much he wished he was here with me, in my first week of London Life. It is totally fine for him not to be here. No one had been for me, never ever. So there is no big deal with him staying another week away from me.


"Listen Luc." My father said. "I'll make it up to you. I promise."

"What you gonna do?" I asked.

"I have asked One Direction to take you to their next concert that's tomorrow." My father started and I rolled my eyes. "And when I return back home, I've booked us a vacation. One week in Paris."

"Paris?!" I shouted. "You have to be kidding dude!"

"No." My father chuckled. "Now Luc, I have a meeting."

"Sure." I said. "See you in a week." 


I got up from the couch, grabbed my camera and ran to the front lawn to scream out loud so that I didn't interrupt, grumpy Al (the butler).


"I AM GOING TO GO TO PARIS!" I sang/shouted as I spinned around with my camera. I fell down on the floor and started laughing like a engerzier bunny on crack. "Ok!" I said catching my breath. "You know that I have been alone for almost a week. And it turns out that I will be a whole 'nother week alone." I explained as I cleaned my hair out of grass. "So my father thought it would be cool to 'make it up to me'." I said using quotation signs. "And he just said that I am going to a One Direction tomorrow." I said with a wink. "Let's see how that goes... But the best news is that when he comes back he is taking me a week to PARIS!" I shouted again.


"WHO SAID PARIS!" I heard Louis shout as he came to my front lawn. "YouTube video?"

"Say hello to my best friend Louis BooBear Tomlinson!" I said as Louis waved.

"What a pleasant view I had from my window." Louis winked.

"Lord Lou!" I said pushing him. "What time are we leaving tomorrow?" 

"Around 1." Louis answered. "Take your camera so that you can upload a video on the backstage life of a One Direction concert."

"Also so that we can record the pranks." I added with a grin.

"I like how you think Luc." Louis said. "How about you finish your video and then you come over so that we can play FIFA?"

"It's on!" I shouted. "Soooo! Returning to the usual update. Maybe on the weekend I can post the video from the concert, but whilst I am here, I might as well just say: THANK YOU FOR ALL THE COMMENTS YOU LEFT ON THE COVER!" I shouted as I threw air kisses. (Take a note that Louis was still watching from afar.) "You guys are the best!" I said with a huge grin. "I feel loved. But I think that this quick update has to come to an end." Pout face. "I'll see you later this week! Feel free to comment below, rate, thumbs up, share and do whatever you want!" I laughed and finished the video. 


"How long for you to edit that?" Louis asked. 

"One hour." I replied. "It is a short video."

"I see." Louis replied. "What about the cover song you made?"

"That was about three hours or so." I said. "It was pretty hard, because we kept laughing in the middle of the songs."

"I can see that you know get along with us, except for Harry."

"He's a tool." I said. "I'm sorry, I know he is your friend, but I don't like him."

"Once you meet him, you're going to find out he is really awesome." Louis said.

"Probably." I mumbled as we entered his house. "FIFA?"

"Tournament." Louis replied with a wink.


@LucGreen: FIFA tournament! Get prepared to lose @Louis_Tomlinson !

@Louis_Tomlinson: You ain't winning! @LucGreen

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