I Don't Believe In Love

Luciana Green, daughter to the Prime Minister Green, is moving in with her father.

Your non-typical rich girl is about to make a drastic change in the life of people. Girl who doesn't believes in love, and keeps her life to herself.

What happens when five boys cross her path? But one of them makes her fall in love?


24. Last England Show



"Aaand done." I said to myself as I applied the last effects for my new video. "This will do."

"What will do?" Liam asked sitting next to me.

"The effects." I replied. "I can now upload the next video for my vlog."

"You like doing that right?" Liam asked.

"Yeah." I smiled. "It's my escape from reality."

"I escape with music." Liam replied. 

"I know." I smiled. "I'm supposed to go out with Harry right now, do you know where he is?"

"Probably at his bunk." Liam replied. "May I ask you something?"

"Sure." I replied.

"Are you really faking it?" Liam asked.

"I don't know." I replied. "And I really don't want to talk about that." I added walking away.


I walked from the venue to the tour bus. We were faking that we were dating, but some of our actions were not fake, I mean, every time he kissed me, I would kiss back and vice-versa. I think that I just need to accept the fact that I like him.


I like Harry Styles. Oh God. I like Harry Styles!



*Harry's P.O.V.*


I was waiting for Luc to come so that we could go to our date. I was watching her latest video and I saw how she smiled a bit when someone asked about us, that makes me feel like there is hope for me to ask her out for real.


"Styles." Luc said appearing on the bus. "Before we go out I have a question."

"Okay." I said closing my laptop. "In what can I help you?"

"Do you like me?" Luc asked.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Do you like me more than a friend?" I questioned.

"I uh-" I started. "I do."

"Okay." Luc said. "Let's go."

"No wait." I said. "Now you answer one question."

Luc rolled her eyes. "Ask."

"Your feelings towards me. Don't lie." I said.

"I like you too." Luc replied. "Can we go now?"

"Yes." I replied. 


Luc smiled and walked out of the tour bus. What on earth just happened? I have no idea...


"Luc wait!" I shouted as I ran behind her.

"What?" Luc asked stopping.


I grabbed her by the hips and kissed her like I've never kissed her before. At the beginning it was sweet and loving, I was on heaven when her hands tug my hair pulling closer to her. I begged for entrance and she let me explore her mouth. 


"Be my girlfriend." I whispered to her lips pulling out. "Please."

"I don't believe in love, and you know that." Luc replied.

"I'll show you it's worth it." I said kissing her nose. "Please. Follow your heart."

"You'll be with me throughout it?" Luc asked.

"I'll be there." I replied.

"I'll be your girlfriend." Luc replied before kissing me again. 

"Does this means you stay as our opening act?" I questioned once again pulling out of the kiss.

"Yes." Luc whispered.




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