I Don't Believe In Love

Luciana Green, daughter to the Prime Minister Green, is moving in with her father.

Your non-typical rich girl is about to make a drastic change in the life of people. Girl who doesn't believes in love, and keeps her life to herself.

What happens when five boys cross her path? But one of them makes her fall in love?


28. I Got A Bear




"Luc." Harry whispered. "Let go of the bear and wake up."

"Harry there is no bear, and I highly doubt you'll call yourself a bear." I replied.

Harry chuckled. "Open your eyes."

I obeyed and opened my eyes. "Oh!" I exclaimed. "I thought it was your hair." I laughed.

"Figured." Harry said pecking my lips. "Get up."

"Where are we going?" I asked stretching.

"Practice." Harry replied. "It's almost two pm."

"Oh crap." I said. "Pass me over the sweatpants and a random t-shirt please." 

"Sure love." Harry said throwing me the cloth I asked for. 

"Be back in a second!" I said as I ran to the bathroom.





"Very good Luc." Paul said and I rolled my eyes.

"But?" I asked.

"More enthusiasm." Paul added. "You basically look dead."

"Oh fuck off Paul." I said throwing myself on the stage. "It's fucking hot here and I'm thirsty."

"I'll go and fetch water." Paul said and left me alone there.

"Why are you mad?" Louis asked.

"Not mad." I replied. "I'm bored to death."

"Want to do something fun?" Niall asked.

"Like?" I questioned.

"Let's hit the arcade around the corner." Harry smiled.

"Let's leave before Paul comes back." I grinned.


One Direction and I ran out the arena, ignoring the screams of Paul and the security guards. Once we got to the arcade, we split and went to different games enjoying some time alone. I was with Harry when I found a roller coaster. I nudge to Harry and pointed it, Harry grinned like an idiot and pulled me there. 


This tour is going to be awesome.

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