I Don't Believe In Love

Luciana Green, daughter to the Prime Minister Green, is moving in with her father.

Your non-typical rich girl is about to make a drastic change in the life of people. Girl who doesn't believes in love, and keeps her life to herself.

What happens when five boys cross her path? But one of them makes her fall in love?


5. Gaming




"No!" I shouted to the mic. "I told you to shot the dude in black!" I added frustrated. "Are you a girl?!"

"No!" The online player answered.

"That explains why are so stupid!" I shouted.

"You're a girl?!" The online player shouted.

"No shit Sherlock!" I shouted. "Now could you please kill the dude in black whilst I try to save this mission?"

"But your name says Luc12!" The boy complained.

"Oh lord." I whispered. "I'm getting off." I added turning off my game. 


This dude was stupid, he made me lose the mission, and now I have to re-do it, but at the moment I am hungry, and so let's eat. I walked out of the game/video room and made my way to the kitchen, only to find Harry bloody Styles there.


"Excuse me?" I asked Harry. "What are you doing here?"

"I came here to ask you something." Harry answered.

"Well then ask, cause I have a lot of things to do." I replied grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.

"What do you have to do?" Harry asked.

"Complete a mission on a video game." I answered. "Now what do yo want?"

"Oh you play video games?" Harry asked.

"Get to the point Styles." I said crossing my arms.

"Wanna go out with me to have lunch?" Harry asked. "And then I could help you with the mission."

"Why would I go out and have lunch with you?" I asked.

"You kinda owe me from saving you yesterday." Harry replied with a smirk.


He has to be kidding me! I rolled my eyes and then glared at him.


"Seriously?" I asked. "You are going to make me go out to have lunch with you only because you saved me yesterday?"

"Yes." Harry answered. "Plus your father isn't going to come to have lunch today, he never does on Wednesdays, so I don't think you want to have lunch alone, or do you?"

"Fine." I replied. "Take me to lunch. But I need to come back to finish my mission."

"Deal." Harry said with a smiled. "Why didn't you finished the mission before?"

"Because a stupid boy on my command was to stupid and didn't kill the guy I told him, and instead killed the guy we had to save."

"He sounds pretty stupid." Harry said.

"Tell me about it."




*Harry's P.O.V.*


Ever since I met Luc on the plane, I knew that she was the one. I have to make her mine, but it isn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. It turns that first of all, she appears to hate me, second she is the daughter of the Prime Minister (and to be honest, I'm scared of that man) and third, she seems someone who will not open up just because.


Yesterday I found out that she makes videos, so I googled her and found out that she has some pretty awesome videos, and amazing covers as well. She has the voice of an angel, and she can play instruments... She's lovely...



"I'm ready Styles." Luc said as she crossed her arms in front of me. "Where are you taking me?"

"Are you up for some Italian Restaurant?" I asked her.

"Sure." She shrugged. "I like Italian food."

"Let's get going." I said trying to link my arm with hers, but she refused and shot me a death glare.


This girl is going to be one tough one to get, but I am willing to do anything for her. I'll prove her that she can fall in love with me. 

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