Make A Wish

"Its 11:11 make a wish." Jasper said closing her eyes, I thought for a second, anything i wanted, i could wish for,. I wish i could pick the love of my life. I opened my eyes seeing Jaspers are still closed, she opened them causing me to jump, "What did you wish for Bo?" "It wouldn't be a wish if i told you." i popped a grape in my mouth.


2. twitcam love

Bo's POV

   Luke let go of my hand as we entered one of 3 tour buses, Luke told us to stand here, mostly Luke because i didn't even care to meet them they are just some preppy bubblegum boyband, now 5 seconds of summer, i would not mind tying them up to my bed. Luke came back, "Okay, i just woke up Zayn he was sleeping so they are now all up." Luke spoke, opening the door to the rest of the bus.  It was nice, everything looked rich, Luke took a step in front of me following Luke, "ohmygod." Luke spoke fastly. "Hi there Luke." Luke jumped into ones arms, I sat down by Luke in a type of couch, "icantbelieveimmeetingonedirection." He spoke at once, it put a smile on my face to see my bestfriend get to meet his idols, but if it was someone like Nirvana or Led Zeppelin id be all on my feet kissing faces but its not. Ive never seen one picture of One Direction, i dont care too, ive heard i think little things on the radio when i was with Luke but i changed it. I looked back at Luke who was talking to them. "Luke." Both of them looked at me, "Im going back, Derek, you know him." i stood up , walking off the bus, I opened the door to the shop, "Bo right." i turned around and seen Luke, "yes," i nodded, "Heres my number,.... Dont give it out, or id have to kill you." He smirked, "Uh, thanks." i smiled pushing hair behind my ear. "I better go," "Uh, hey, when will you be here next." "Well, we are here till friday, so three days. Then we leave, and wont be back till next year." "Okay, ill text you." Luke came in with his phone, "LOOOK AT IT,, LOOOK AT IT." He shoved in my face,  I grabbed it, "HARRY KISSED THE HEAD OF ME." He jumped, "I see." Luke laughed at Luke's non sense, "Yhea, i better get going, Talk to you soon. We for sure have to make plans." He said opening the door, "For sure," i smiled and he Left like that.. "oooooooooh you in looooovee." Luke pointed, If your wondering if Luke is gay, no, he is bisexual. "No, Bo doesnt fall in love, people fall in love with Bo." i spoke my motto. 

Lukes POV

   I stepped on One Directions bus. "Ohh Lukes got a crush." Niall spoke, i let out a smile, "Nope," "O Cmon luke," harry laughed, "you ran after her.. " "Doesnt mean a thing," i said popping my bum on the couch, "Whatever," Niall said as my phone went off, Harry looked at it on the bar where i left it. We both lunged for it, "HARRY, I NEVER TOUCH YOUR PHONE." I yelled. "I KNOW." he yelled back, I pulled it from his hands and jumped back to my spot,

"Hey its Bo(:!"

"Hey,(:" I texted back,, "He is smiling,, Its her," Niall said, "Her, has a name, Bo." i smiled, "thats a boys name." Louis laughed, "Dont you think she is a bit,, dark." "Do you know 5 seconds of summer." Zayn laughed, "whatever," i stood up getting off the bus and going on mine, "Aye mate." Calum said from his bunk, "Aye." i answered, 

"I'll text you when i get off, bye(:" I smiled at Bo, i put my phone up on my bunk, "Whos that." Michael asked, "Whos who." "Your texting someone. let me see you phone." he reached up, "Bo ayee."  "yhea, some girl i meet today, shes pretty cool.'' Ashton smiled, "ohh, you gonna get her." he laughed, "working on it." i joked, "Dan in here." i asked, "in the back." i nodded grabbing a apple. 

Kenzies POV

   "So do you like him" Luke asked as i sat down with him at his house, "Luke? kinda, i mean he is in a band, of course." i smiled, "Shit, i have to text him." i looked at the clock, 10, "Do you think he is up?' i asked, he nodded, "probably." 

"Hey, sorry i forgot to text,(:" 

"its fine, we are just doing a twitcam." I laughed, "hand me your laptop. Luke handed me it, I went on twitter, "5.. seconds.. of.. summer." i said as typing. I clicked the link., "Luke get off your phone, Damn kid is always on it." one said, "Luke."

"Ohh, sounds fun."

"haa, boys are nagging me to get off my phone." He answered back, "LUKKE," another said, "Hey look up on your phone there names." i asked Luke, "Luke Calum Michael and Ashton." he pointed. We both watched, "okay, they are funny." Luke said laughing as Michael throw Lukes phone, "YOU SHATTERED IT." Luke yelled off camera, "Sorry," he laughed, "You see, Luke is falling love struck for some girl he meet today." Ashton said, Luke poked me, "ohh thats you.," 

"hows your phone," i texted, 

"LOL your watching."

"yes, (: Michael must be a dick. (:" Seconds later, "Bo called you a dick." He spoke to Michael. "Well, tell 'BO-" "Shes watching," "hmmk, well BO, you are a dick." i read to comments, "whos bo,, she best not touch my luke," or "im glad luke is happy." and anything else,

"Your fans are something elsee."  i texted, 

"Sorry, jelly." i laughed, "Bo, you better treat my luky poky right, its hard to have to give him up." Calum said, "We arent dating, why are you all panicking." Luke laughed pushing Calum off himself. "We all know how its gonna end." Michael said, Ashton started kissing the air. "Ohh shut up."  "11;11 make a wish." Michael screamed, I closed my eyes, I wish i could meet the love of my life sooner. I opened them as the clock turned to 11;12.

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