Make A Wish

"Its 11:11 make a wish." Jasper said closing her eyes, I thought for a second, anything i wanted, i could wish for,. I wish i could pick the love of my life. I opened my eyes seeing Jaspers are still closed, she opened them causing me to jump, "What did you wish for Bo?" "It wouldn't be a wish if i told you." i popped a grape in my mouth.


6. stop it styles

Bo's POV

    I opened the door to my house, I turned around seeing Luke waving , i waved back and he drove off. I walked in locking the door. I set my bag down, how am i gonna just forget Luke after today, i rested down on my bed, "Harryxx; text Niall<33" i sighed locking my phone. What am i even gonna say. hey niall yhea i know i really like luke but lets date. yea no thanks.. "Okay, ill do it, but lets make it interesting, you have to kiss Louis next time you go to an award show.. on camera.(:" i texted my phone rang "Harryx" 

"You know i cant do that." he almost yelled, 

"Oh well."i let out a smile. "If you dont im not doing it ither" he sighed

"Fine, but, did you text him," i put him on speaker, 

"What do i say, Hey Niall, wondering if you wanna hang out " i asked,

"Perfect," i texted Niall, 

"Sent." i sighed, "okay, uhmm, one sec... He just got it." He whispered, "he is smiling..."

"STOP IT YOUR MAKING ME NERVOUS." i yelled bitting my nails.

"Good, he is texting," he whispered, 

"Can he hear you."

"No, im whispering,." he said louder

Harrys POV

   "No, im whispering,." i said a little louder, Niall sat across of me, i just got back to the room. Louis snuggled up to me,

"He put it down." i said

"I got it." 

"What does it say." i whispered, "What." Lou asked, "Oh its Bo." 

"Uhm,, Yes what happened with Luke..... what do i say."

"Uh, nothing, just wanted to get to know you." i said, crap whisper Harry.. "Who is that?" Niall asked, "Gemma." Nialls phone went off, "whos that?" Liam asked, "No one." i had to smirk, "thats not gemma is it." Niall laughed, "Its bo." he whispered, I had to laugh,

"He figured it out." i told bo

"He knows."

"NO, no not that, just who im talking to." i whispered, 

"Oh thank god." she sighed, "So what are you to talking about?" i asked Niall. I heard Bo chuckle in the phone, "Ohm, nothing." He smirked, "You already know." He smile, "Are you still talking about the hangout." i asked both of them, "Yes," they both replied, "What hangout." The boys asked, "Oh, Niall and Bo are gonna chill tomorrow." I chuckled, "Did her and Luke work out." Louis asked, "Yhea she just wants to get to know him." i smiled, i couldn't help but laugh.. "Shut up, i gotta go, Luke is calling me." "What one," "Mine, Byyyee." she quickly hung up. "What are you trying to pull." Niall asked, "What." "I know Bo just doesn't wanna chill and get to know me," he said sarcastically. "Maybe she likes you," i defended, "Do you like her?" Louis asked Niall, He smiled down to himself, "Kinndaa but luke,"  i rolled by eyes, "Niall., just try to win her over." Louis said, Everyone laughed, i unlocked my phone and on cue Bo was calling,


" i maybe told Luke, oops." i stood up, 

"What Why." i said leaving the room, 

"He promised he wouldnt tell and it kinda just came out.. i tell him everything.  she said fastly. i started to sigh, 

"Its okay, just, okay. anything else. How is Niall?"

"Good, we are hanging out tomorrow all day then  i am going to the meet and greet with you all and im bringing my luke/." i felt her smile, 

"You nervous."

"No, well maybe, i dont know." she rambled,

"You will do fine, just dont let him fall in love, its hard for him to get over someone." I felt her smile threw the phone, 

"No promises. but im going to bed, ill see you tomorrow. bye harry." she hung up. "bye bo." i smiled even though the line was dead. I walked out to everyone in the same spot, i sat down wrapping my arm around louis, "So bo is coming tomorrow?" i asked Niall, more like confirming."Yes, and so is Luke.. her luke.." "That luke is something else.. in a good way. he is funny." Louis mumbled, "Hmm." i asked., he shook his head. well den. 

     I woke up next to Louis on the bunks, Niall was walking around the room, "Good your up." He pulled me down to the couch, he stood in front, "I like Bo. I was just looking at her pictures and i realized she is beautiful and smart and funny and what if she doesnt like me." "Niall first slow the fuck down i just woke up, second, im sure she likes you why else would she wanna hang out with just you.. alone, at her house.." his sig turned into a smile, "Your right." I smiled, I rested back on the couch, "Ill see you later." He waved getting off the tour bus. I heard screaming fans which made me think of yesterday, running, holding bo's hand. Stop is Styles you just set her up with your best mate. 

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