Make A Wish

"Its 11:11 make a wish." Jasper said closing her eyes, I thought for a second, anything i wanted, i could wish for,. I wish i could pick the love of my life. I opened my eyes seeing Jaspers are still closed, she opened them causing me to jump, "What did you wish for Bo?" "It wouldn't be a wish if i told you." i popped a grape in my mouth.


8. oh

Bo's POV

    I felt a blow in my face, i opened my eyes and seen Niall smirking, he blew in my face again, i rolled around, "stop." i said while he was tapping on my shoulder, "Niall." i said again, I heard him giggle, "Im gonna kick your ass." i said rolling around to smack his arm. He started laughing more, "what time is it." "idk, we have to leave soon." he said, "Where is everyone?" "like getting food i think." "and you stayed?" he nodded, "btw, your hair is absolutely wonderful." i fixed it with my fingers just to have it ruined by Niall again, "Your a complete dick head." i mumbled getting out of the bunk, i went in the bathroom and fixed my hair, i came out grabbing my phone. Niall was sitting on the couch, the others came in handing Niall and I coffee, "We have to go." Liam said, Niall stood up, walking to me, "what are we doing when you get back." i asked, "Well., for about 4 hours we can hang out,. " he said. His face flushed, "you okay." i asked softly. He nodded gulping his throat. I ignored it, He pulled my in a hug, i looked over his shoulder and Harry was looking at us while Louis was talking to him. Niall pulled away looking in my eyes, "are you sure your okay?" i asked again, he nodded leaning in for a kiss. It was small but perfect. "You can stay here. We will be back in an hour."  Niall kissed me again, I nodded, They all left, i went in the back and turned on the tv i watched the nanny most the time.. 

   I heard talking and laughing, i sat up and came out, they were back, "its been neraly 3 hours." i said hugging Niall. "Sorry, they kept us longer." He held me tighter and longer, "now we have 2 hours." he mumbled, "how come i cant stay." I asked, he got all nervous, i looked at Harry, "We are.. uh,, leaving in 2 hours, for another state." Zayn said a bit weird, i looked at Zayn then back at Niall. "i thought you two weren't leaving till tomorrow night." I said. Niall shook his head, he grabbed my hand and sat down. He snuggled up in my neck, he kissed my neck then looked at me. I just sat there in shock, the door flew open and a girl walked in, "Hey el." Louis mumbled, she just stood there, Louis stood up along with Harry, They kissed and Louis left, i was kinda confused , "who is she." i asked, "She is uh louis' cover up." Harry sat back down, i nodded, "Do you wanna uh go for a walk" Niall asked i stood up with him and we left.

    We sneaked past fans to the park down the road, he took my hand, "I dont want you to leave." i said a little weirdly.. For some reason im getting sad about this, "i know." he paused, "its like im already falling in love with you." he finished, he slowly turned his head to me, i couldn't look at him, not yet. "i know its crazy." he said, i looked at him, "crazy thing is.. i am too." i whispered, "When will you be back?" i asked, "one year." he slowly looked away, "but im flying you out alot, and ill fly in. alot." i couldn't help but smile, we sat down at a little swing, he started pushing me then got on the swing next to me, "What time is it?" i asked, he pulled out his phone, "4.... 30 minutes till we have to go." "Wow,, that went by fast." i said stopping, I stood in front of Niall. He pulled me on his lap then kicking his feet. I held on to him and the chain, I was laughing out of control with Niall. He slowed down, i hopped off, then Niall he landed on his feet, then fell to the ground, he layed there out of breath, I layed next to him on my stomach, my head was over his, he pulled me down to his face. "your beautiful." he whispered before kissing me, he licked my bottom lip for entrance, i accepted and opened my mouth a little, we moved perfectly together, moving our heads around slowly fighting with our tongues, "NIALL, BO." We both heard, we both pulled apart with a smile, he stood up pulling me on my feet, Zayn was walking towards us, "We have to leave." he said getting closer, Niall took my hand. Zayn just stood there. "I will drive you back before." he whispered. I just nodded.

   Harry and I hugged, "Ill see ya soon Kid." he said, i nodded, "Bye guys." i said finally, Niall closed my door, He turned me around and slowly kissed me, he kissed me again but fast and small, "ill call when we land." he said wrapping he arms around me tightly, He kissed my cheek letting go, i walked up to my door and watched them drive off. I walked in, Luke was sitting on my couch, "Hey." he smiled, he quickly noticed my face and stood up, "whats wrong." he asked, i shook my head, "They are gone." i said, "the boys." i nodded, He sat me down, "How are you and Niall." "Good.. Great." he just nodded, I leaned on his shoulder,  "i cant love him." i whispered, "Do you?" he asked, i didnt know what i loved yet. He just took my hand.

   I woke up  Luke was sleeping and i was laying across him. I sat up rubbing my head, i looked at my phone, nothing, Niall should be off by now., I quickly called him, "Hey Niall, uh just seeing if you made it off the plane. uhm bye." i hung up, it was nearly 7am, my phone buzzed, i answered, 

"Hey its Harry."

"i know, i have you saved in my phone...."

"haaha, Niall is sleeping, he was to tired to call." 

"ohkaye thats fine."

"How are yaa."

"hmm tired." 

"same, got a concert tonight." he sighed, i chuckled a bit, 

"when Niall wakes up have him call me." i smiled in the phone.

"Are you falling in love?" he asked,

"uh, im not sure."

"ooh kaaye, will do."

Harrys POV

   I hung up the phone i walked off to the bus, Zayn and Liam were up, not Louis or Niall. "Was that Bo?" Zayn asked i nodded, I sat down, "when is she flying out?" Liam asked, i just shrugged, "Up to Niall i guess." On cue Niall walked out.. "Hey, Bo called." "okay." he sat down, "are ya gonna call her." i asked, "ehh." he shrugged, i just shrugged it off.

   We walked off stage we did our little giving out mics to people and getting in comfy clothes and then getting in the bus to go to another town, we all sat in the back because of the tv,  My phone rang, "Bo(:" i answered it walking out

"Hey Bo, how is ya?" 

"sick." she mumbled,

"like huh.." i was very confused, 

"im sick,, like throwing up, ya know nasty shit is coming from my mouth," she said 

"Well, make it stop." i joked, 

"Not the time... Niall wont answer.... Like jeez i just wanna talk,, "

"mmhhhm, you fell in love. I told you having a boyfriend when he is on tour is hard."

"i know, why isnt he calling, i know he isnt sleeping." 

"ill go check." i peeked my head in "Niall up?" Liam nodded his head, i peeked back out, "Yes he is. Wanna talk to him." 

"No." she said coldly. "im not even in the mood."

"not even." i mocked in her voice, 


"Someone is a bit mad." i chuckled,

"Bye Harry."

"Wait, who is with you?" 

"Luke why?"

"Just wanted to make sure your not alone.... Bye Bo." she hung up then i did, I went in the back again and sat by Louis again, i wrapped a arm around him, "who was that?" he asked, "Bo." I seen Niall look at me, so i looked back, "what'd she want." "well, she wanted someone to talk to tilll Luke got there... and she is sick." Niall nodded, "shouldn't we know that your dating." Louis asked. "ehh," "just shut up Niall." i mumbled, "what, did i do." "You know,,,, ignoring her." "im not ignoring,.. im simply not answering.." he mumbled, Everyone kinda looked at him, "Kid, id talk to her or someone is gonna snatch her from ya." Zayn said with a wink,,  "mhm." i smiled, Louis nudged me, "what." i defended, he groaned turning around from me,  "Louis im only joking,.." "and im only mad." i just chuckled, "but really,, Bo is mad. She knows your ignoring her." He grabbed his phone out and went to Face Time and dialled Bo. It ringing once and ignored, i couldnt help but laugh, "wtf." "I told you she is pissed." "Did she ignore?" Liam asked,,i nodded. He dialed again but in call,, "Hey." he said getting up and left, i peeked my head out, "No i just havent had my phone." "LIAR." i yelled, he looked at me, "No, he is only joking.,..Bo. Really.... What?..." Niall looked at me hangin up. "What did she say." "stay in england when you get back." "OH thats cold." he nodded,, "She didnt mean it... ill call her.." ....

"Hey bo.,"

"what." she answered coldly,

"Geez so-"

"Sorry Harry, im just.. URG."

"its fine, I heard Niall called, what did you say he wont tell me." i lied, Niall just sat there. 

"urg, i dont even know,, i said stay in england, im done, you win..."

"wow, the second daay." Niall gave me a confused look. i shrugged him off.

" yhea okay, anything else,"

"uhh, no.... waut yea, uhm you didnt mean it did you,, Niall really likes you. "

"Harry i meant it."

"No you didnt,, just think about it. Bye Bo." i quickly hung up.. "Soo." "She is thinking.." Niall walked back in the room, i stood there resting my head back on the wall. What did you just do Harry. I came back and went in the room, I pulled Louis by me, "Im sorryy." i dragged he just kept his eyes on the TV, i ignored it at that, I wrapped a arm around him resting back.

  Bo's POV

i woke up ready for work, i walked in on time, "hey." i smiled, to Luke, he was cut off by my phone, "hey Luke." i said,

"hey, i heard you and Niall are over?"

"si." i answered in Spanish,

"what happened."

"he ignored me and just i dont know." i heard him chuckle, "shut up." i joked

"ayee," i could feel his smile. "I already miss you."

"i miss yoou." i dragged, "get off the phone." i heard, "Yes Sir." "i gotta go, ill text ya later bye." When the day ended it was normal, i drove home to the cold empty house, i wonder what they are doing,.. 

   I felt something in my sleep like a nudge, i ignored it till it happened again, I opened my eyes and the smell of man rushed in my nose, I screamed rolling of the bed, "its just mee." Luke laughed, "dont fucking do that." i stood up "sorry." "why ya here, its.... 3 in the morning." i say looking at the clock, he moved to me slowly,, "because." he said leaning in to me, i felt his lips on mine. It felt right, but i pulled away, "luke." i whisper, "i love you." he whispered back, "i cant, we are bestfriends" "we can, we get along so great, i can make you happy." he smiled. "luke. i love you too but no, we are just friends." he frowned. At that he left, what just happened.


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