Make A Wish

"Its 11:11 make a wish." Jasper said closing her eyes, I thought for a second, anything i wanted, i could wish for,. I wish i could pick the love of my life. I opened my eyes seeing Jaspers are still closed, she opened them causing me to jump, "What did you wish for Bo?" "It wouldn't be a wish if i told you." i popped a grape in my mouth.


7. falling in love on day one.

Bo's POV

     I heard a knock on my door, i slipped on my last boot and opened the door, Niall stood holding his hands in his pockets, "Hey,ready?" i nodded closing my door. We arrived at Starbucks. "Original." i chuckled., "Well i didnt know what you wanted to do." He smiled, We ordered and sat down, I sat sideways putting my feet on the seat sitting against the wall. "Lady like." he smiled, I smiled back "Uhh, sorry im not gonna act perfect like a model." "Well, good thing i dont like models." I smiled back to him, "So tell me about yourself." He asked, "Well, my mom and dad divorced as a child im not a fan of people, uhm i like ketchup with my fries, and pink cotton candy, And i hate when people park oddly in parking lots." i said, He started laughing, "Well, i dont think youll like me much.. Im that person who parks, 'oddly' //" he mocked, I let out a chuckle, "What about you." "Uhm, im famous, i love people. Uhh, i thought youd know everything about me?" he asked, "I hate you all." i said with a serious face. "what." "I hate preppy boybands they annoy me." i said again, "then wha-" "Im joking." i smiled, He gave me a cheeky grin, "Well. i like girls with a sense of humor, i hate when people just stare at you for long periods of time, like paps. " he said shaking the thought, I smirked at him, "Your famous, you should get used to it." "okay how about you get stared at for hours of the day." "Niall., 4 teenagers are giving me the death glare right now, and im perfectly fine with that." He chuckled. "Where are they?" "Uh,, in the corner." He turned around, "fans." "of the band?" i asked, He just smiled, "Yes, of the band."

   Niall opened the door to leave, we drove back to my house, i got the rock and key and threw it back down, i heard his small chuckle, we walked in, i threw my purse on the coffee table. "Nice place.. Big for some teenager." He looked around, "Thanks.. i guess." I turned on the TV. Niall sat down next to me wrapping a arm around my neck he pulled me in to cuddle. I went on netflix "hmm, how about Perk of being a wallflower." i asked "Sure." I turned it on.. I looked at Niall in the end of the movie, "really." i smiled, he just started laughing, "its sad." i laying my head back on his chest. "what next." i asked, "The avengers" "Need to show me your a man?" i asked, He started laughing, he placed his hand on my back rubbing with his thumb, i turned on The Avengers, 

   I woke up on Nialls chest, i looked up at him, "hello." he smiled, "what time is it." "well, ive watched 2 movies since the avengers and it was about 5 so maybe 10." I sat up, "that must have been a really boring movie for you." i nodded, "Oh and your phone went off a few times." i grabbed it from my pocket, "Harry Luke, and My Luke " "Harry; how is it goin(;" Luke5sos; Hey," "Myluke; You missed work again." i dropped my head on Nialls shoulder, shit. "everything okay" he asked, "Yhea just missed work.. Again," He chuckled, "Shut up." i teased, "I better go," he stood up causing me to also,. "Bo?. Do you wanna be my girlfriend." he asked, i smiled, "Yheas." He kissed my cheek, "Ill text you." he left. 

   I woke up feeling terrible., How could i be playing Niall like i am. i sat up and got dressed in a black shirt and skinnys then slipped my chucks on, i did my make up straighten my hair and sat on the couch, i did nothing for an hour/. I left early to get mcdonalds. Kids meal is the way to go.. i got one for Luke aswell. I walked in the shop and handed Luke the meal. "kids meal??" he chuckled. "yes." i smiled, "and early." i nodded, "Derek will be proud." he smiled, i sat down at the desk eating the nuggets. "So, me and Niall are dating." his face dropped, "n-niall.. HORAN?" he yelled., i nodded, "Your dating my BOYFRIEND." i smiled with a nod. "ugh. im mad at you." he turned around, "Then gemme the food." I said with a full mouth, he turned to me with a sad face, i had a big smile, "fine, we can have him." i nodded with a snicker.

   I had my head down for the past hour, no one has came today gladly, i was almost asleep when the bell went off, i let out a small groan lifting my head up.Derek walked in with Louis and Niall and Harry, "Sleeping again?" derek asked looking at the time i got here, "10.. what happened did you pull an all nighter." i heard Luke chuckle in the back, Niall stood infront of me with a cheeky little grin, "what." i said growing a small smile. He kissed my cheek i looked at Harry, he had a big grin. Then Luke was giving us a death glare, I couldn't help but laugh at Luke, i layed my head back down on my arm "what are you doing tonight." Niall asked, "nothing." "good. we are going bowling." i heard a little whimper, i looked at Luke, "buy me food now." i said to him, "Why." Luke groaned, "if your gonna whine you have to repay me lil shit." Niall laughed, "Cant i give you money." "No. I gave you food i want food back." He just looked at me. I couldn't help but smirk. "what do you want." "taco bell." He looked at Derek, derek nodded, Luke left at that.. "What happened,.." Louis asked, "Luke likes Niall" Harry said, Niall had a little grin on his face, "he is gay?" "No, bisexual." Niall just laughed. 

   "Dont you have lifes." I asked, "Instead of hanging with a faggot like you?" Louis smirked "Dont talk about Luke like that." I smiled wrapping a arm around Lukes neck, he pushed me off, "dick head." Niall laughed, i couldn't help but smile. "Its nearly 6 wanna leave." Niall asked, "Only Nearly." i asked sarcastically making fun of his irish accent and speech. He smiled, "Yhea lets go." Derek left early so oh well, "Ill stay with you." Harry said to Luke, "Alright, im leaving." Louis told Harry, Harry kissed his cheek., "D'awww." i whispered, "i know its so cute." We watched them hug, They let go, Louis walked to us, "I know we are adorable." he said in a little girl voice.

    Niall and I grabbed the bowling ball we wanted and sat at a ally, "You go first." i said tying my shoes, I stood up and put our names in  "Bo(: and Niall): " i sat back down, "Your a dick." he smiled at the screen, "I coulda put "fagassnigga." He smirked walking to the line, He came back and up letting the ball go,.. Strike. "Beat that." he said in my face,  "will do." i did the same getting the same, i sat back down. "fuck you." he smiled, "pick a day and time." I smiled "ugh, Americans always horny." we couldn't help but laugh, "go." i pushed him, he turned around to me, it was slow he looked in my eyes, then at my lips, he leaned in slowly you could tell he was nervous. He pressed his lips to mine. I kissed back, it was a small 5 second peck.  We pulled away at the same time with a small smile, we kinda stood there for a second before he kissed my cheek and turning off to bowl. I stood there smiling,, i cant fall in love i cant fall in love i cant fall in love. i repeated. 

   "last go." he smiled, i was down by 9. i need a strike, "oka, if i win, you have win that for me." I pointed to a giant minion, "and if i win you have to win,,, that." he pointed to the purple minion. "deal."  i smiled, i grabbed my ball, and walked up, mid swing Niall shouted, "Nice ass."  I almost let go but didnt, i turned around to him, he was laughing as hard as he could, I quickly turned and rolled it down the lane, cmon,, cmon,, cmon.. i walked back, "i want the one with one eye." he stoped laughing and looked at the screen. He stood up i had a small smirk and he walked to the arcade. I grabbed our stuff, when i reached him i sat on up on a arcade game. Watching him throw rings at bottles. "Are we gonna be here longer.. I think im tired." i smiled, "i dont care." he said sarcastically. After 20 minutes, he sat down, i smiled at him, "last time." i said, he nodded throwing them, "FUCKING FINALLY." he yelled, a person walked over looking at the bottles, "here yaa are." and handed him a minion, he quickly handed it to me, "Can i play a round." he handed me rings, *throw throw throw*..

   We walked in the tour bus, "I still cant believe you." he mumbled, "what happened." "he sucks at games." i laughed, "No, i dont its rigged." "Then how did i win first try. and you won after half an hour." He just looked down,"whatever." he kicked his feet like a kid, i sat down, "Where is Luke?" i asked, "in there bus.," Harry answered, "ill be right back." i kissed Nialls cheek. I walked back and walked right in, They were all on there phones, i sat down without them noticing. "Hey Faggots." I spoke, they all looked at me, "ohh hey." Luke smiled, "Where have you been?" he asked, "and how long have you been there." "Maybe 2 minutes." i answered michael. He stood up, "MICHAEL." i yelled covering my eyes, "you good." i heard luke, i uncovered and he was gone;. "is this what you do when your alone." i asked, they just laughed,, "I better go." ill see you tomorrow before you leave." Luke stood up, "ill walk you." We stepped outside, "So i heard you and Niall." he stopped, "Uh yea." i mumbled, "Im happy for you two." i nodded, "yhea, its cool." i smiled, we started walking again, i stopped at the door, "goodnight." he hugged my shortly, "bye." i opened the door, Niall was chilling on his phone i sat by him cuddling, "what are we doing tomorrow." "uhh. i dont know." "We have a mini meeting with modest then nothing." Liam said, Niall nodded, "We have a mini meeting with modest then nothing." i just smiled, "your a loser." "your loser." he kissed my cheek. I couldn't help but laugh, Harry was staring at me. "what." i asked, "Nothing." he smirked, within seconds my phone went off, "Harry; your falling in love already." i hid my phone in my pocket not replying. He was smirking at me again, I looked at Niall, "your staying here." he whispered in my ear, i nodded slowly.

   I couldnt stop laughing, Niall was kissing my neck and being gentle, "niall." i laughed pushing him away, "im gonna fall off." he scooted to me, "dont break a leg." i pushed him again, he rolled over me, "niall." i giggled, "Would you to shut the hell up." Louis said from his bunk, niall and i both laughed. "goodnight." he smirked. "night." i said staring in his eyes. He pulled me close to his chest, i snuggled my head in his chest, he kissed the top of my head. What am i doing..


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