Make A Wish

"Its 11:11 make a wish." Jasper said closing her eyes, I thought for a second, anything i wanted, i could wish for,. I wish i could pick the love of my life. I opened my eyes seeing Jaspers are still closed, she opened them causing me to jump, "What did you wish for Bo?" "It wouldn't be a wish if i told you." i popped a grape in my mouth.


4. break and take

Bo's POV

    "Cmon we gotta get ready for work," Luke said pushing me around, I must of fell asleep when i was crying, i sat up getting the bag of clothes i brought i went in the bathroom and changed in to a black shirt and a pair of pants and my hoodie i put the hood over my head hiding as much of me as i could. I stepped out and Luke stood on his phone leaning against the wall, "ready." he asked not looking up, "yhes," 

    I walked in the music store with Luke, "Kenzie on time. wow." i shot him a glare and luke made mouthed not today. I punched in and sat at the desk with my head down, my phone buzzed in my pocket, what if its Jarrett. I looked at my phone, "Jarbear." my heart dropped,. "hey babe." i said walking out of the store, It was pouring out so i stood under a bench with umbrella, "So Luke, from this band." He said almost in tears. I could tell by his voice. "Im sorry Jar, it just happened." "Did you like it,, be honest." he mumbled, it took me a minute to answer.. "yes." i said in tears, "Baby dont cry, im not mad," i rested my head on the table, "how about we take a break for a while and you go get him." "Jarrett, n-" "Bo, i love you and i know you love me, please lets just do this go for luke. I love you so much it hurts." I started crying in the phone, "Bo dont cry, im being strong so you should to."  i didnt answer, and the phone line went dead, i left it to my ear punishing myself with the noise, my tears came faster and my sobs came louder. The line stopped meaning my phone locked, I looked up and walked myself to the shop and sat outside the door, listening to the rain, i hugged my knees..

  A car pulled up to me, "Bo right?" "who are you?" "Harry., Im in that band, One Direction, " i nodded, he got out sitting next to me, "you okay luke told me what happened." "my boyfriend and i just broke up." i said wiping tears making myself stop crying. "Im sorry, " he hugged me, i didnt care i hugged back, "shouldn't you be in there," he said adding a little laugh, "i dont really care at this point and im sure Luke explained everything to my boss."  My phone buzzed, "NEW TEXT FROM Luke," "is that my Luke or your Luke," "Your Luke, he has been texting since this morning," "answer him." i shook my head, "no, i hate him." "Bo you don't hate him, " i nodded, "your right, i don't, but i don't care for him." He stood up taking my hands pulling me up, "your coming with me," he smiled, He pulled me in the shop, "HARRRYY." Luke yelled, "BOO, your hands." he said frowning, "He boss, im taking your little worker out for the day." "noooo," Luke frowned, "Derek smiled, "okay.," "Luke wanna come." He ran up taking my hand, "In the dodge," he said, i got in the passenger.

     We pulled up to the back of a hotel. "In that door i have a phone call, 3rd door on the left." Harry said we walked up and opened the door on the left, inside were 8 boys. Luke barged in,, "LUKKE MATE," some yelled, i stood awkwardly in the door way as i seen Luke Ashton Michael and Calum, i stepped out and back to the car, Harry put his phone away, turning around "Bo you scared me." i was in tears, "i cant see him i dont wanna," Harry cut me off, "Bo, stop." He took my hand pulling me in the hotel, i was still in tears, We stood in the door way, "Harry and..." one said, "Bo." Harry finished, Luke looked towards me they all did,. You could feel the tension, "your girl." one asked my luke, Luke shook his head, "that luke." Luke said, I could feel my phone buzzing but I grabbed it "Jarbear." My heart stopped, "Hey," i said walking out,, "How are you." i started crying, "I cant do this, please i cant, i dont wanna be here, everywhere i go he is, Harry brought me and he is here and i don-" "Bo slow down, do you need me to get you." he asked, i went in and elevator "no Jarrett i want you," i confessed "You know we cant do that, " i slid down the elevator, "Luke is calling, ill call you back." i hung up answering Luke, "Where are you, Who is on the phone," "in an elevator and Jarrett."

Lukes POV

   "Jarrett," She answered, i let out a sigh, "Bo,-" "Dont, i know, we arent getting back together," i she sighed, "come back to the room," She let out another sigh, "Luke you dont understand he is the reason me and Jar are done, i cant stand him," "YOU LIKED IT THOUGHT YOU ARE PART OF THE REASON." I lashed out, "luke," is all she said, "I-im sorry i didnt mean it," "NO whatever." she yelled hanging up, I sighed, everyone stayed silent at my lash. I called back, "WHAT." she yelled, "Im sorry, Just come back to the floor and." i walked in the hall. "we can sit here" "fine." calmed, she hung up, "SO." they asked when i walked in, "She is gonna sit in the hall." i sighed, "pphhstt." i felt a smile creep and turned around, i sat down with her, "wanna go in." i asked, she took a big breathe, "Here." i wiped tears, "ill go in if you dont leave  me,"  I smiled "okay." we stood up and walked in hand in hand , i looked at her every so often.

  We both sat on one bed while everybody else stood or sat on another bed, Luke sat by Bo and she hid her face on my arm, "Bo can i talk to you" he whispered She looked at me, i nodded, "uh,." she stood up walking with Luke outside, everyone stopped and watched them walk out.

Bo's POV

   i felt every pair of eyes watch us, As we walked out Luke reached for my hand, i pulled away, "excuse you do you realize what youve done and you grab my hand." i whisper-yelled at him as we stopped, "Bo im sorry i really am, i know i shouldnt of kissed you but it was the heat of the moment." i didnt say anything, "you know i cant get the kiss out of my head, and all i wanna do is.. do it again." he said leaning in, I turned my head and he hit my cheek, he rested his head on mine, "im sorry." he mumbled, my phone buzzed, i pulled it out Luke didnt move, "jarrett is your... ex?" i nodded, "Hey Bo, I just packed all my stuff,." Luke lifted my chin taking my phone and shoving it in my back pocket leaving his hand there, "Bo?" he asked, "i wanna take you out,, not on a date just as friends." i smiled, "Dont you have to be friends with me then." I sassed, "thats probably a good idea, are we friends." "no." i said pushing him away. He grabbed my hand flinging me back, I winced in pain," oww." i said under my breath. "Bo im sor-" "Save it." i mumbled grabbing my arm back "What do i have to do" he asked, "for what." i spat, "To be a friend, or something i guess." "idk maybe be nice." "How can i when we dont hang out or when we are.. like this... we are yelling," "okay fine, all of us go see a movie." "concerts tonight." he reminded, "orr.." He said raising his eyebrows, "come with, you and Luke backstage passes." His smile grew wide, "please." i walked back to the room and sat by Luke, "wanna go to a concert" i asked, "who?" "5sos and One Direction." His eyes grew and mouth dropped, "Why are you so happy your talking to them." i said as they laughed, "you dont understand." he snapped "And i was voted for most likely to become gay." i mumbled. 

    We walked in the back door to the stadium "Come with us?" Harry asked, we all split up 5sos went on way and 1D went another, "what are there names." i whispered to harry, He started to laugh, "Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn." He pointed threw laughs, i ignored him, "Stay in here and we will get you in what 20 minutes or so." Liam told us, they closed the door we sat on a fancy couch, i looked around "One Directions Dressing Room." Luke said reading a sign, "Bo." he said he stood up running to a clothing rake, "ITS THE BOOTS." 'uhm.." He picked them up and put them on taking a selfie in the mirror, check twitter," he laughed, "oops found @Harry_Styles boots," along with the picture, The door opened and he kicked the boots in another direction, "uhm hello." Luke said acting normal. "Ashton and Michael came in sitting on the couch." "So  Bo." they patted on the couch. I walked slowly sitting down, "uh, hi." Luke continued doing stuff to their shoes,

    "So whats up, what did you and Luke talk about?" Michael asked, "why?" i asked, "you see,... He wont tell us." Ashton said, "i dont need to tell you, you are part reason why me and Jarrett are over, posting it on twitter." i spat at Ashton, "Hey you two were the ones kissing not me." "whatever." i said coldly. "If you must know, nothing important or juicy was said so please shut the fuck up." i gave them a glare, "Geez." Michael laughed,  

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