Make A Wish

"Its 11:11 make a wish." Jasper said closing her eyes, I thought for a second, anything i wanted, i could wish for,. I wish i could pick the love of my life. I opened my eyes seeing Jaspers are still closed, she opened them causing me to jump, "What did you wish for Bo?" "It wouldn't be a wish if i told you." i popped a grape in my mouth.


5. Bet on Niall

Calums POV

     "Just help me find my phone." i said to Luke, "but Bo-" "You will still see her, just i know its here." i pointed, I watched the time closely, "I dont know Calum." Luke sighed, 10 minutes passed, "Oh silly me it was in my pocket." I fake laughed, "Your a real ass." Luke laughed pushing me, we walked down the hall talking smut of earth. I knocked on the door and Luke answered it, He let us in, "ready." I smiled at Michael and Ashton, Luke joined Bo laughing and Smiling, like nothing has happened, but you could tell Bo was still hurt. "Lets gooo." Ashton dragged. We started walking, "What are we doing." Bo asked, "WE are going on stage, you two are coming backstage." Luke answered her. She nodded slowly, "i told you that you were coming." Luke smiled to Bo kissing her cheek like a couple. We stood by the entry to the stage, "ready." one of the men asked, We took our stuff "I'll see yooou later." Luke rested his head on Bo. "i dont get it, Luke was a jerk but you know and now he is super nice and." i stopped, "i know i dont even understand." Michael answered in a whisper. "and she just broke up with her boyfriend and was crying like what 2 hours ago." Ashton whispered, "She is bi-polar." Luke joined. We all nodded understanding,. They both turned around, and Bo's smile faded, "lets go." Michael said awkwardly.

     "Look at the sign out there." I pointed to Luke in a whisper on stage, "Bo the Hoe, know her past." Luke whispered out of the mic, Luke looked at Bo who was playing bloody knuckles with Harry. What does it mean, know her past. We did our last song 'Try Hard' and walked off stage. Harry and Bo were still at bloody knuckles. "on in 5." one of the men said. Harry gave up, "Bo your knuckles." Luke whispered, Bo looked at them, "Oh Ow." she said, Harry looked at his, "haha." he laughed, Their knuckles were bloody. "Lets go clean you up.," Luke said, "Good luck harry." Bo hugged him, and ran to Luke

Bo's POV

   Luke sat me up on the counter in the unisex bathroom, he worked fast, grabbing cloth wetting it and wrapping it, "Your funny." i whispered, "whys that." he asked with a smile, "because you care so much about me, when you know your gonna leave in what 2 days?" "Yea so, " he smirked, "Its cute, because your gonna leave soon, probably forget about me when i will remember this the rest of my life." "How is that cute that sounds depressing to me,." "i dont know its just weird." He checked my knuckles, "ONE DIRECTION IN 5 4 3 2 1." the speaker roared. "no blood dripping. lets go." He said holding my hand to get down, it was an awkward silence to were the others were,  everyone was laughing and such then we stood in front and it died down "Harry it seems your knuckles are bleeding," Liam said on stage, "Oh yhea, bloody knuckles," the crowd laughed.

    "Ayee " Niall said walking off stage, people came and got there microphones and put them in a box. "Now what?" Luke asked, "Well, normally we go on the bus and chill." Luke answered "Wait. stand by eachother." i pushed Lukes together, "Dont they kinda look alike." I asked. "In a way, but not twins." Louis said staring at them, "Well duhh, but like, kinda." I answered, "Whatever nevermind" They pulled apart. "Lets goo." Liam and Niall whined. Louis led the way by Harrys side. We arrived in one of the buses. Luke pulled me to a bunk and pushed me up, His head popped up followed by his body, "Are we friends yet." He asked, i had to think, yes he is nice, yes he is cute..scratch that, hot. and yea, he is funny. "Yes." i smiled, "Good." he kissed my cheek, "Will you go on a date with me." he whispered laying next to me taking my hand, uh, what do i say. "Yes." crap Bo that was not the right word. His smile went wide and i couldn't help but smile. He leaned in snugging up to my face slowly kissing my lips, 

    We all sat on the floor doing stupid things, saying stupid things just passing time. Mostly hitting one another. "stop it you jerk." i yelled at Louis, he straddled me slapping my arms and my face lightly , i loosened my arms and grabbed his cheek pulling them, the look on his face, i pushed him down straddling him, "sorry." i shrugged punching his arm as hard as i could, I got off him moving as far to the wall as possible. Louis layed still holding his cheeks, "that is painful you dick." he sat up, everyone laughed.

     "We should go." I told luke, He nodded, "Ill give you a ride" Harry stood up, Luke and I stood up, then Luke giving me a hug, "I'll text you later about everything." He whispered kissing my cheek, Luke Harry and I walked out of the bus, fans were lined up outside behind gates, screaming, "dont mind them " Harry yelled over them, we didnt answer, as we got closer to harrys car they got closer, the gate stopped and fell over, "Fuck ABORT ABORT," Harry yelled grabbing my hand, i grabbed lukes and Harry started running, I was barely running just jumping or being dragged, "HARRY BO DOESN'T RUN." i yelled in third person. He let go jumping in a car i got in and Luke did also. he sped off, "holy shit." i said holding my head, "next time.. my house." "Yhea,, im taking a long cut. so they dont find your house." harry said, i sat back dipping down, "my heart is racing." Luke said, "Yhea first time is scary." harry laughed. 30 minutes passed and Harry was no where near my house, "Harry we lost them." i looked back, "Okay put your address in the GPS." Harry handed it to me, I set it back down, "Turn right in 2.8 miles." "so, what up." Harry said, I looked at him weirdly, "nothing." i spat in a sarcastic tone. 

    We pulled up in my drive way, we already dropped Luke off at his place, "wanna come in." i asked opening the door to his car, "Uhh Yea." He got out following me, I grabbed the rock and opened it grabbing the key turning it in the slot and putting it back, "I cant get in your house now." he laughed. We walked in, i set my bag down on the coffee table, "Nice place." He walked around,  "Thanks, " I said "So i was wondering we are leaving in 2 days, wanna go out.. as friends me and you, "He said sticking his hands in his pockets standing awkwardly. "uhhhh, Yea, sounds fun." i smiled, "Cool, tomorrow afternoon, ill pick you up." He said leaving at that. I went up stairs to get changed it was 3am already, i played Same Love when my phone buzzed, "Luke 5sos,; Tomorrow night, 9 o'clock, ill come get you. nothing special to wear just jeans or something, (:" "Sounds gret, off to bed ! xx" i locked my phone drifting off in to sleep.

      I woke up around 11 oclock, i had three texts Harry Luke and Niall, some unknown number, i checked harry first, "Be ready at twelve going to a cafe'(:"  "Sounds funn," i texted back, "Luke(: ; Heyy you awake," "Now, eh, what up." "Unknown ; Its Michael, Luke said you two got a date tonight?" "yeeppp. xx" I locked my phone, already 11;10, I jumped up taking a shower, i looked at the time, 11;30, i got out letting my hair air dry, I got in Leggings and a loose white mussel tee with a gold cross necklace and gold earring to tye it all off, i slipped in my vans 11;50,, I brew dried the rest off my hair french twisting my bangs locking it with a bobby pin. I walked down stairs, i heard the fridge close, i stood in shock, holy fuck. Harry walked out, "cat got your tongue?"  he asked, "you scared me." "I said im gonna get in your house." "I didnt know today. i thought i was about to get raped." i said releasing my breath. he let out a little chuckle, "Lets go yhea?" he said, "Yhea, your out of bread and nutella and diet coke, gross btw." "Yhea diet coke was Jarretts, and you can buy me nutella and bread you bastard." He let out a laugh again opening the car door.

    We arrived at a small local cafe' ive never been here, "old people are here." i whispered, "and not crazy screaming fans asking for pictures and stealing shoes." he whispered into my neck, I started laughing, "table for two." Harry said to the lady, "right this way." she led us to the back table. "can i start you off with drinks." "Coke, " "same," i copied harry, She left at that, "So you forgave Luke i see?" he asked, "Yhea, ive been wanting to end if for a few weeks, just all the trips he took was getting out of control." i said meaning Jarrett. "Imagine dating a pop star. you could never handle it.:" he said, "Yes i could." i defended, "jarretts were just hanging with his friends,  besides id understand because its the job." "here you go." she set down drinks then left . "I could bare with it.." "So is that a challenge." he asked raising his eyebrows. "Harry, even if i wanted to date a famous person i wouldnt," "Niall, date niall for the tour and see how long it takes to get pissed off." he said sipping his coke, "What about you," i asked, "Im taken." he smiled, "who?" i said more like he said it sarcastically, "Im not aloud to say yet." he smirked, i let out a big breath, "what about Luke, we have a date tonight." "what." he almost spit out soda, "Yhaa, i thought you knew that." he shook his head, "Oh well, Niall is the one." i let out a big breath, "Deal?" he put out his hand, i shook it, "deal." i smiled,

      Harry opened the door for me to my house, "what time is your date." harry asked awkwardly, "9 i think." I checked my phone, 2 messages, "Luke; Hey, x" sent 2 hours ago at 4 o'clock, I looked at the clock, 6, "how long were we there?" i asked, "long time." "Yhea its 6." i said, Harry laughed, "Wanna just chill here till Luke gets here or you can leave early." i asked not wanting to be alone "Yhea put in a movie." he said, walking in to my kitchen, I put in LOL, my favorite movie. "ew sappy girl movie," he whined holding grapes and two cans of soda, "We could go get nutella." i smiled, he sat down, "ill take that as a no." i smirked. he nodded with a big smile.

    The movie ended, "Kyle is so cute." harry smirked, i looked at him, "what man crush." he laughed. its 8;30,  i better goo." he said, "Bye," i smiled, "i put in Nialls phone number in your phone when you fell asleep during the movie." He said hugging me, I laughed. "okay byee." and then he was gone, I started picking up the food and popcorn scattered around, i sat down on the couch and my phone went off, "Luke;) ; Hey, you faggot<3." "Hey, sorry spent the day with Harry." "Luke;) Ohh lol, What up?" "Nothing, did you know Harry has a girlfriend," "Luke;) **Boyfriend sweetie,, its Louis !" My mouth fell open, 

"Harry; Hey'

"Me, ITS LOUIS, My luke said your with Louis." i shreekked in the phone.

"Yheass." i felt his smile in the phone, 

"OH MY GOD," i said as the door bell rang, "I cant believe you didnt tell me." i stood up opening the door

"Sorrryy, i didnt know if you wanted to know."

"Duhh i wanted to , i gotta go Luke is here."

"Okay have funn." I hung up on harry, "Hey ready?" he asked with a bright smile. I nodded locking the door.


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