how can i love you now (sequel to tidal wave)

savannah and kylie, two mermaids, now human, face more problems then ever expected


2. Where is she?

Kylie's P.O.V.

Niall and I were watching a movie on the couch for while. It was a good movie. We eventually fell asleep. I had an awful dream though. The baby didn't make it and everyone left me. I woke p jumping, and heard a door close. Someone must be up.

"You ok", Niall asked me.

"Yeah, just had a bad dream about the baby"

"It's ok. It's just a dream", he kissed my cheek and "he" kicked

"oww. Really", I said looking at "him". We wanna name him when we see him. He can name him a name and he probably won't look like that. I hope he lives a good life though.

"See,  he's fine. You're having him between now, and a couple weeks. He'll be fine", I kissed him back and smiled.


"Now get some sleep", he lied down. The baby kept kicking. I couldn't sleep. I think he wants out. I got some water... when my water broke.

"NIALL!", he got up.

"Everything ok?"

"No. My water broke", he got up and he drove to the hospital. I was terrified. When we got  there I sat in a bed, talking to Niall until the doctors came.

"You can do it", he said holding my hand.

"Thanks, but it hurts"

"What were you doing in the kitchen?"

"getting water... then I got extra on the floor", we laughed.

"Wow. I'm surprised you were still awake it's 3 A.M."

"He kept kicking", the doctors came in, and Niall had to leave.

Niall's P.O.V.

I'm scared, and excited, and freaking out at the same time. It's 3 A.M. so I can't call the rest here to be with me. But the I got a text from Louis

Hey is everything ok? I heard panicking downstairs then I looked around the house for you

We're doing fine... exempt I can't be with Kylie now. baby


yes. more realistic than that prank -.-

on my way and you knew it was a prank and you're still mad at it -.-

ok... and I can't be fooled.



When Louis got here it was about 3:30. We were exhausted. "Hey Louis. Thanks for coming"

"No problem. You're lucky I was awake. When I was looking around the house for you I still was the only one"

"Heavy sleepers. Wait, even Savannah"

"I didn't see her. Maybe she went to see Perrie", I called her, but it wouldn't let me.

"It wont let me call her", he tried to call her on his phone, didn't let him.

"She blocked our numbers. Where is she going! She's going back to sneaking away again"

"I don't know. But I wish she knew that her best friend is in labor. Maybe she would stay"

"Maybe she'll be back tomorrow", I nodded at him.

A while later, the doctors came in for us. We could see him! We walked in the room and walked to Kylie. He's so cute. He has my nose and lips. He has brown hair... but from who we both have natural brown hair. I don't care who's hair it is, but he's really cute. He has the rest from Kylie, but their eye's are green now, not brown.

"You wanna hold him", she handed him to me. I held him in my arms

"Hey there little guy. How are you", Kylie and I both had tears of joy. He opened his eyes, and saw me for the first time. I started to tear up even more. I love him so much. "You wanna hold him Louis", I looked at him crying.

"This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen", he said in tears. I didn't even hand him the baby yet. He hugs me and crys of happiness in my shoulder. He made me and Kylie laugh all the time.

After Louis held him for a while, he passed her back to Kylie. "So, his name", she said.

"How 'bout Louis!" Louis said. We were now cracking up.

"He looks like a Tyler to me", she said.

"I love that name. And also, his last name. I've been wanting to ask you something for a couple days, just haven't found the right time to do it", Louis grabs his phone and records us.

"Keep going don't mind Louis", she said. He both looked at Louis and laughed.

"Now that we have a kid, Tyler, I don't really know the perfect time to ask you this, so now", I got on one knee and got out a purple box. "Will you marry me", she started crying of joy again.

"Yes!", she said crying. I kissed her, then we stopped because of he baby. He's too young to know about that. "I can't wait. The kid, and a new husband. I love you both"

"And we love you too", I wanna kiss her, but when the baby's asleep. He saw the proposal. And the ring fits on her perfectly. 

Louis stopped recording us and went home to go to sleep. I stayed here with Kylie to help with the baby. He's mine too. I love both of them so much too.

Kylie's P.O.V.

Today was the best day ever. It's 10:00 A.M. and we barely got any sleep. Tyler kept crying. I shouldn't complain. I have a new son, and I'm marrying Niall. I don't really care about sleep right now. When I got up, I got out my phone and sent a text to everyone.

<to Harry> We're at the hospital. His name is Tyler :)

<from Harry> cute name :) I'll be there in 20. I'll get the rest too

<to Harry> thanks :)... we're typing a lot of :)

<from Harry> lol we are :) :) :) tease ;)

<To Harry> and now the wink ;)

<from Harry> seee you in a few

<to Harry> seee you too ;)

when everyone came, Savannah was still gone. "Do you know where Savannah is? I want her to help me with Tyler too", I said.

"We looked all over the house. Her room is empty too. She went back to leaving us", Liam said.

"And with one of our babies. We still don't know who. Me or Liam"

"Keep track of what you do", I teased them. "But seriously, where is she?"

"I don't know. But we will help you", Shane said. Yeah, he's alive! and still living with us. Now there's 2 girls in the house. I already miss her.

<to Savannah> Hey. I just gave birth. His name is Tyler

<From **** (im hiding the number)> I'm sorry, but the person who you've recently texted, Savannah, has currently blocked your number.

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