how can i love you now (sequel to tidal wave)

savannah and kylie, two mermaids, now human, face more problems then ever expected


4. The first week

Niall's P.O.V.

It's been a week with Tyler. He's so cute. Everyone keeps surrounding us though. Savannah's due date is in 3 weeks. Hopefully she's back by then. Kylie and I were on the couch with Disney JR. on. We're gonna have to get used to watching it. Tyler is in her arms looking at the TV. We are NOT watching Little Einsteins. Hopefully he will never see that show on. Both, Kylie and I, love music... but not... DEFINITELY NOT... that show.

After Tyler fell asleep, we changed the channel. We kept it on quiet though so he wouldn't wake up. I put my arms around her and he smiled. "You wanna hold him. He's your son too"

"Sure, but when he wakes up. I don't want him to move around too much when he's asleep so it's more peaceful", she kissed my cheek. About half an hour later, he started to cry. I sang a small lullaby to him while Kylie calmed him down. He stopped crying, and he looked hungry.

"Can you hand me a blanket. A really clean one", I nodded and got one. "Thanks"

"Your welcome", I knew how babies get fed... And I can't help.

"Sorry. I still have to hold him"

"It's ok. He has to eat", Louis came downstairs.

"Hey... babies hungry" 

"Yeah", Kylie said.

"Good thing you have the blanket", he walked in the kitchen as we laughed. Kylie didn't laugh too hard though.

"So, wanna watch preschool shows with us", I asked him.

"uhh... COMING LIAM!" He ran upstairs.

"I wish I could do that", she said.

"Me too", the baby wasn't hungry anymore. Kylie pulled that part of her shirt back up and took the blanket off.

"here, you can hold him now", She handed him to me and put some of our clothes, and the blanket, in the washer. When she came back down, I needed to ask her something.

"Hey Kylie, now that we are engaged, I was thinking we could get our own place"

"That sounds awesome. Where do you think we should move?"

"Well, I love America. I was thinking New York"

"I've always wanted to move there too!"

"Great! Lets get an apartment to start with."

"Sounds awesome. I'm excited to move, whenever we are"

"Maybe in about a month or less"

"Sounds good. I just... what if Savannah comes back? She replied back to Shane's text, then blocked him. What if she will come back and help?"

"I don't know, but maybe she will text back. Her due date is in 3 weeks, maybe she can come to America with us"

"But, I want us to be together. We can take care. I want Savannah to help, like if you're on tour or something. You are going on tour in a couple months. And you still have 7 more years. 10 year contract"

"Right, maybe you and Perrie could be together until we get back. We don't have Lizett anymore and who knows where Savannah is", Perrie and her son, Chris came downstairs. He's so cute.

"What about me?"

"Well we are moving to New York and when we are on tour, if you guys could be together. I know, you're in little mix, but you are on a break because of the baby. We're all guys... the girls have babies... not us."

"We can definitely be together while they're gone. You know no matter where you are, I will be there. And, you have one arm, so I will help you"

"thanks. You're a good friend"

"You're welcome"

We were looking for an apartment. There was a nice one in Mesa, Arizona. we both agreed that the weather is better there. We don't want the baby to freeze and during the summer, we can go swimming and, like, do a lot more things.

"I like this place. When do you wanna move"

"Maybe, 2 weeks?"

"Sounds good. It's gonna take me a while to pack, so I'm gonna start now. I'm also getting Tyler's things"

"I can get Tyler's things. Don't worry"

"No, it's fine"

"Ok. I'll take care of Tyler then while you pack"

"Ok. Thanks", she kissed my cheek and went upstairs.

Kylie's P.O.V.

I wasn't paying attention to where I was going, and ran into Louis on his phone.

"Sorry Kylie"

"It's ok. I wasn't paying attention either"

"wow", we both laughed.

"Hey do you know where I can find boxes"

"Yeah. There's a store near. Why?"

"Niall and I are moving... to America"


"Yeah. I'm sorry. I'll see you real soon though. I promise", I kissed his cheek.

"I miss  your kisses still"

"You still like me?"

"I've liked you more ever since Lizett died"

"I'm sorry Louis", I kissed him on the lips this time.

"Don't make me miss you more"


"It's ok. Do you need help packing?"

"Well, I told niall that I was also gonna pack Tyler's things, but you can help me pack them"

"Ok", we were going to the store to get boxes.

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