how can i love you now (sequel to tidal wave)

savannah and kylie, two mermaids, now human, face more problems then ever expected


11. tattoo

harrys POV

after a while of savannah living with me and liam it got fun around here, we were playing jokes on each other, playing with destiny, and just having fun, turns out, destiny is mine, liam is a bit upset, but he is a good friend and wouldn't do a thing to hurt any of us

"hey harry, are we going anywhere today" savannah comes up to me

"no i don't think so, why" i reply

"because i want to have a girls day with perrie, go shopping, go to the salon, stuff like that" she says

"ok, want me to watch destiny" i ask

"that would be fantastic thanks" she says and pulls er jacket on

"no problem" i say as she grabs her purse and walks out to the car i let her have

"see you later" i say walking her out

"you too thanks, and can you give her some food, it doesnt matter which kind you give her, just not the carrots, they make her gassy" i laugh, she smiles, "unless you want to smell her farts all afternoon dont" she yells a she drives away

"wow, im lucky to have her" i say to myself, then liam jumps on my back

"piggy back ride, horsey, onward" he says slipping, but catches himself

"naaaaaeeeeehhhh" i say and gallop into the house

savannahs pov

"hey perrie" i say as i walk to her in the coffee shop we agreed to meet at

"hey vannah, so what are we going to do today" she says handing me a latte she saved me, or bought and didnt drink

"um, i dont know, go shopping, the theater" i suggest

"sounds good, ooh, how about we get our lips pierced" my heart pounds faster, i knew someone who got her bottom lip ripped of by her lip piercing

"i dont know perrie, that just doesnt seem like me, i mean, i'll get an ear piercing, but  lip, just sounds crazy" i say looking at my coffee

"come on, nothing will happen" thats what the other girl said

"i'll have to think about it, or, how about we get a tattoo instead" i say, i  have always wanted one

"ok, sounds good, lets go" she pulls me out of the restruant and to my car

"where is your car" i ask

"he dropped me off here, he was gonna to hang with harry and liam today" my heart stops, the thought of zayn around my baby girl, i push it away and get behind the wheel, perrie directs me to the best tattoo shop three miles away from the coffee shop, we go inside, there are so many tattoo examples around i want a black rose with a crown of thorns around it, it sounds really cool, and i want silver outlining the rose pedals, perrie goes first and gets her initials in gold and black, surrounded by rose pedals, now its my turn, its painful, and it feels like its taking forever, but its finally done

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