how can i love you now (sequel to tidal wave)

savannah and kylie, two mermaids, now human, face more problems then ever expected


12. How did this happen

Kylie's P.O.V.

I decided to take a swim to that secret beach the boys and I found. I dove in the water and took off my bracelet... then my tail appeared. I swam for a while to the beach. When I got there, I saw Shane.

"Hey Shane", he looked up.

"Hey. What are you doing here. i thought you had your baby"

"I did. Niall has her. We broke up... And, I may be pregnant again", his jaw dropped.

"So he's using you for sex"

"No, something happened, and it was depressing and I came back here and staying with him and Louis and, he came to Louis' to stay and saw me there and, I let him have Tyler for a while"... i thought. "Wait why are you here"

"Because ever since you and Savannah had your baby's, I've been out of everything. And, because of Lizett's death"

"Shane, please come with us. Home. I'm going to see my mom and dad first though... so you have time here"

"Ok. But, everybody is broken up"

"No. We're close together", he smiled. "I'll see you later", he waved, I waved back and left to the ocean

Niall's P.O.V.

I was giving Tyler a bath, when he grew a tail. "Woah", I said. He started crying. I did like what I did when he had feet... Nothing's working!  grabbed my phone and sent a text to Louis

N: I need help

L: Can't handle the baby

N: It was going good... But... where's Kylie

L: Swimming back home really quick

N:That's why. Tyler grew a tail

L: What! On my way

I tried to calm him down. I can't. Kylie needs to be here. She's a mermaid. She can do this. I have no idea how to calm down a mer... baby.

About 10 minutes later, Louis still isn't here. He should be here by now. He know's I'm at Zayn's. He's with Liam now. Tyler still didn't stop crying. I put him in a bucket of water so when Louis comes I can take him downstairs.


I went downstairs with Tyler and got the door. "Woah", Louis picked up Tyler. "When did this happen"

"Around 1:30", he froze

"Kylie left to the beach at about 1:15. I think that's why"

"We need to get her", he put Tyler back

"How. We can't swim like her", he came in and I closed the door.

"I have to get her. Wait, do you know for sure where she is"

"She wanted to visit home", I froze

"Him...", I mumbled


"HIM!", he looked confused "The one who tried to kill us, and who thinks we're hurting the girls. And he thinks he's so powerful"

"Her dad... Niall, he went to jail, remember"

"You didn't hear", he shook his head no. "He escaped. Yesterday. The cops saw him go into the ocean, and he escaped. The cops couldn't keep up... because the oxygene tank was out and they drowned", he froze

"Oh my god... we gotta save her. One way or another"


I'm listeningto one way or another now


We went to my car and I held Tyler in the back while Louis drove. When we gt to the beach, I looked, then I saw her bracelet. I sat down, put it on, and grew a tail. "Uhh Louis"

"yeah Niall", he looked at me and his eyes were open

"Do you know how to swim like this", he shook his head no. "I'm scared now", he shook his head yes. "QUIT BEING SCARED", he was still frozen. I slid into the water, holding Tyler.

"I don't think he would be able to swim", Louis finally said something.

"He has to. Because he has that part of him from Kylie", I looked at Tyler, holding him tight.

"Niall", I looked behind me and saw Kylie.


"What are you doing! Trying to drown him!", she grabbed him, then saw his tail. "Woah. When did this happen"

"Around 1:30"

"that's when I turned into a mermaid. Oh my god", then...

"KYLIE!!!", I screamed.

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