how can i love you now (sequel to tidal wave)

savannah and kylie, two mermaids, now human, face more problems then ever expected


5. how did they find me

savannahs POV

after zayn spent two weeks with me we got into a relationship, my baby is due sometime next week, or earlier, but my birthday past, zayn got me the most beautiful necklace and earrings, im wearing them today, we are moving to the apartments in mesa Arizona, he is moving in with me, he works from early in the morning, to mid afternoon

"bye babe, see you later" he says and kisses me lightly on the cheek, i kiss him back and he leaves for work, today he will take off early to help me, i got a moving truck, and some guys to help move everything heavy, i help when i can, but mostly i watch them and tell them when a box is full of glass stuff and other things like that

"we are moving destiny, you will make tons of friends" i say as i get to our new apartment and put a hand on my stomach, i cant wait for her to be born, but the pain will be tragic, i was with my mother when she died after child birth, tears were streaming down her face, pain in her eyes, her beautiful human eyes, my mother was human, my father was a merman, disguised as a human because he loved her, like me, kylie, and lizett, but she is dead, zayn malik killed my best friend, i will never forget it

"hey babe, im gonna get some boxes" my new zayn says and walks back down the staircase

"ok, ill help" i say and follow him, i nearly slip once, zayn rushed to my side

"you ok" he asks

"yeah, im usually clumsy, but i need to be extra careful while i have a child in me" he laughs and holds my hand the rest of the way down

"here" he hands me a light box, but its big, it might be all of the paper stuff like paper towels and stuff like that, i take it inside, and i really notice how big this apartment is, but its really hot here too, but kylie will never find me here

then a moving truck pulls up next to mine and zayns, kylie and  niall step out with their boy

"oh no, did they come here on purpose" i say to myself as zayn walks in

"what, who" he turns around to look at them

"she is my sister and her boyfriend, i came here to get away from them, i never expected them to move here" i say quietly

"ill finish unloading the boxes" zayn says and walks out, im not going back out there, risking them seeing me, so i start unpacking the boxes, most of the stuff is for the kitchen so far, like plates, bowls, glasses, silverware, and cookie dough

"hey, im done, the moving guys left" zayn closes the door

"ok, come and  help me" i say, he takes a big stack of plates in the cabinet with the rest of them

"i talked to the man before i brought the rest of the stuff in, he was talking about the room next door, they want to come over later and meet the new neighbors" my heart stops, i would do anything not to meet them, then destiny kicks, a lot, then i feel a pain in my abdomen

"is she coming" zayn helps me stay on my feet, i nod my head frantically and he helps me out into the truck, he rushes to the hospital, im in labor for five hours, then the real pain starts, zayn is beside me, holding my hand, i squeeze it and close my eyes, i yell when she comes, when she lets out her first cry i give a sigh of relief, the pain gone, i am cleaned up, so is the baby, and she is brought back to me, she has blonde curly hair and i think of harry, i am not telling anyone, ill say its zayns, my new zayn

"oh my gosh, she is beautiful" zayn says, putting a hand on her stomach

"yeah she is, do you like the name destiny, or what else do you have in mind" i ask

"i  like destiny, but i have always wanted a girl named Jesse" he says

"yeah, i like that name too, her name is Jesse" i say

"awesome, when can you come home" he asks, i look at the doctor

"later tonight" he says, its six o'clock right now, i get out at like ten, kylie and niall are standing outside, looking at the sky, i have my jacket on so i put my hood on and quickly walk inside, they call for zayn, he talks to them, i go to my room and put jesse in her crib and call for zayn in a fake voice

"hey, they want to talk to you" he says

"fine, ill be truthful" i say, fling my arms up and walk out to kylie and niall

"savannah" she says hugging me, i don't hug back, niall hugs me too, i don't hug him back either

"whats the matter, you don't look excited to see us" kylie says

"i moved here so i can get away from the drama at home, i have my girl sleeping in there, and i have a new life" i say, her eyes look in zayns direction, so do niall's

"so does that mean you ran away from your perfect life with me, us" kylie says with an attitude

"hey, shut up, you haven't been through what i have, you copied me, you are an attention hoard, you are a wanna be, and that's not my problem i want to start over" i yell, her eyes fill with rage

"why did you just leave without telling us, again, you cant do that to us, you had sex with three guys, and came out with one child, whose is it" she says back, a bit quieter than me

"i don't have to answer you, or to you, im in charge of me, and what i do is none of your business, im happy for your baby, but it seems like whatever i do, where ever i go, you seem to do the same, or follow me" i say

"well maybe you are a wanna be too" she says

"how, i never copy anybody unless we are joking around, not like cutting yourself, or getting away from too much "drama", that was my idea, and you did the same because you felt left out" tears start running down her face, niall pulls her into a hug

"i hate you, ill never forgive you" she says in the middle of sobs

"good, you deserve it" i say and run back into my apartment, i will never forgive her, even if she begs

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