how can i love you now (sequel to tidal wave)

savannah and kylie, two mermaids, now human, face more problems then ever expected


1. hard times

9 months later


savannahs POV

after zayn was arrested me and perrie were never the same, even though he was a jerk, its time for our babies, and perrie is already in labor, kylie is expecting her boy in a week, and my little girl is expected in a month

"savannah, how are you" liam comes up to me, we have been going out for a week, but i still think zayn is right for me, but perrie loves him more than i do, we are driving to the hospital to see perries baby she just had, louis was there with her, but she is still drastically in love with zayn, and i can see why, he is brave, smart, strong, i would still be that way for him if he wasn't a jerk

"when are we getting there" i ask harry who is driving

"ten minutes" he says, perrie had one to the hospital her favorite doctor worked at, he was a close friend of hers from school, i stare out the window the rest of the ride there, daydreaming about zayn, i don't know why, but i start crying, zayn was a jerk, but i had loved him once, he had given me more than i ever asked for, in liams arms we walk into the hospital, to perries room where she had just given birth to her baby boy

"hey guys, isn't he just adorable" perrie says as we walk in, the baby has zayn eyes, his mouth, his hair, he has a tuft of black hair on his head, i sit down, and kylie sits n my lap, only cause i let her and she doesn't weigh that much

"cute" kylie says, i force a smile and nod, but inside my heart is shattered, i don't even know whose baby i have, Harrys or liams

"thanks, zayn is a lucky guy" perrie looks at me concerned, maybe she sees the pain in my eyes, but she doesn't say anything, while everyone else is talking, we kinda communicate  without talking, we read each others thoughts through the emotion in our eyes, since we love the same man

"savannah, how are you doing with your baby" liam says ripping me away from perrie

"good" is all i say, i look at perrie once more, she smiles and looks down at her child

"good" harry says sitting in a chair next to me, kylie walks over to niall and i excuse myself to use the restroom, instead i go to the waiting room and sit down, and stare at the floor, someone comes and sits next to me, i look and see zayn, he puts his hand on my shoulder

"i thought you were in prison" i say calmly, not afraid of anything at the moment

"they let me out early because i behaved, and im famous" he laughs, i do too a little, then look back down at the floor

"so who delivered today" he asks, i know he is asking about perrie

"perrie, the boy looks just like you, you are lucky, you have a kid, and a perfect girlfriend" i say, he blushes

"so why are you sitting out here alone" he asks rubbing my back

"i needed some air, and i got a little jealous" i look at him

"why would you be jealous over me" he asks laughing, he doesn't understand

"because you gave m everything, and i hurt you, i did this, other wise i would have no idea about perrie, i wouldn't be like this" i gesture to my huge stomach, "and you wouldn't have gone to prison" i say, he pulls me into a hug

"you know i still love you" he says in my ear and kisses my neck

"stop zayn, don't do this to yourself, you will only get hurt" i stand up, getting away from his calming kiss, but i couldn't take it and walk out, i sit in the car and wait for the others, they come out in ten minutes, i sat in the passenger seat so no one could sit next to me, i guess zayn went to see perrie

"are you ok" liam asks from behind

"perfect" i say and we drive off, when we get back to the house  i go straight to my room, my birthday is in three days, but i cant stand parties, so im planning on leaving, i already blocked all of their numbers on my phone, and got a suitcase ready, i would get an apartment and stay there with the baby, i can take money, and zayn said he would support me, would send me checks, and i can get a job, as a babysitter at first, then something like subway or Starbucks

"hey, you ok" i hear kylie out the door

"yeah, im just tired, im calling in for the night" i say

"ok, night" she says and walks away, i cry into the teddy bear zayn gave me, no one knows i still have it, i told them i threw it out after zayn and i had the fight, but i just hid it in my closet, now empty, i have everything in the back of my new truck, its parked in the back, zayn is the only one who knows i have it, so when i leave they will thing i walked, and wouldn't have gotten far, but i plan to leave, tonight, all i have left in the room is a duffle bag with my personal belongings, i plan to go to America, and settle in a quiet environment, i looked at a spot called san tan valley, Arizona, its a quiet town, not very big, and they would never expect me o go there, and i will not come back here again, not for anything, if i do i will cut myself so many times i will eventually bleed to death

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