how can i love you now (sequel to tidal wave)

savannah and kylie, two mermaids, now human, face more problems then ever expected


13. Handed over

Savannah's p.o.v.

after I get my tattoo I take us back to my place and show Harry my tattoo, I got it on my forearm so I can always see it

"guys Kylie, Niall and Tyler just got attacked by your dad!" Liam runs in with Louis, we get in the car and drive to the beach while Perrie stays home and watches Jesse/Destiny, some call her by her middle name destiny

"I have to go look for them" Shane runs up to us

"I'm going with you" I take my bracelet off and slip into the water, Shane follows and he pulls me through the water because he is faster than me

we come up to the city lined with gold as some people call it, we swim up into my dad's chamber and see Niall Tyler and Kylie tied up in an air locked container

"let them go" Shane says as my dad circles slowly around us, Shane scoots closer to me, his muscular arm touching mine

"why should I, Kylie got away from me twice already, and I haven't gotten time to spend with my grandson" Kylie mouths something while banging on the apparently soundproof glass

"please, I..i." I think of something, then I have an idea, but I'm kinda scared, "I have a daughter" I blurt out. My father looks at me with interest

"what's your deal" he stares at me amused

"you can have my daughter if you let them go" I swallow the gigantic lump in my throat, Kylie and Niall stare at me wide-eyed

"deal" he snaps and the container opens and we rush Niall to the surface, Kylie hugs me tight

"you shouldn't have done that for us" she cries, I hug her

"I can always have another kid" I start to cry, Kylie let's go and goes to Tyler and Niall, Shane puts a hand on my shoulder, I hug him tight. 

Harry Liam and Louis run up to us, after them Zayn and Perrie run up with Jesse 

"I need her" I take my daughter in my arms, she smiles up at me with Harrys' eyes, my smile and.. And Zayns nose, I haven't noticed that before, but I don't say anything, I look up at everyone

"this is the last time any of us will see Jesse for a long time" I cry, Harry comes up to me first, I continue, "I made a deal with my father, that in order to free Kylie Niall and Tyler, I would give him Jesse, so" i start to cry and hug Harry, I look down at my baby girl, she is so cute, the next thing makes everyone stare at her in shock

"mama, dada" she looks at me then Harry, I cover my mouth and cry even more, I am prepared to swim with Shane back to deliver my daughter

Shane's p.o.v.

savannah has everyone hold Jesse before we leave, on our way some guards escort us from the gates, she let's me carry Jesse until it's time to hand her over, I hope he treats her well, once she is handed over Savannah snaps

"you better treat her well, I will come back and if I hear she was treated badly you won't see her again" she cries and wraps her arms around my waist, I hug her back, the king nods, Savannah turns and leaves, I bow in respect and follow her, when we get to the surface she hugs Harry and they walk off together and everyone follows

"Savannah you ok?" Kylie runs up to her, she nods and walks on, Savannah is beautiful, I wish she loved me, I love her

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