he moved next door

''AILEEN!!'' i heard a formillar voice say ''Isaiah!?''


3. romeo and juliet part 1

           hey isaiah ready for practice not yet he said and we walked down a hall he said are we going to be more then friends i said umm well i dont now i dont know it was six years ago i dont now if i have the same fellings i did well let me now if you do and then he kissed my lips and i walked to the drama room i welt kinda dizza i guss i didint drink that much water but i diddnt care then at juliets sine i fainted.

     *Isaiahs POV*


         i just saw aileen falling so i ran from backstage and caugt her she passed out i said worried call the hospital i got in the abulance car and called her parents i was at the point i would cry because i was very concerned....

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