he moved next door

''AILEEN!!'' i heard a formillar voice say ''Isaiah!?''


2. first day at collage

*knok knok* 

''who is it'' I said ''its isaiah'' i open the door and he drags me out side and says can you come to school with me? ''sure i said and we walk to the car he startes driving and then he says so aileen remeber when we dated yes i say well i want to start dating again well i dont now its was six years and we bo..'' then he kisses me i was so suprised we haddent kissed ever since my last year at the high school we went to 


after that suprise we ended up at school i was relly happy that we were back togther and our first class was drama and we acted out romeo and juliet i was juliet and isaiah was romeo to me it felt like real life i couldent wait till the real preformance at school wich was in 2 weeks

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