I Changed Him, And He Changed Me

My name is Olivia, If I must say so I am the popular bitch of the school. But one day that all changes... I get partnered with the dork in art class, I don't even know the kids name! But somehow, He changes me and I change him.


1. First Day Of School.

Olivia's P.O.V*


It's 6:45 in the morning and my alarm is going off. I try to reach my phone to switch it off but end up falling off the bed. Well thats going to cost me some bruises. I stumble trying to stand up and switch my annoying alarm off. Completing that mission, I slump towards the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror and I look like a troll. Disgusted with myself I turn the shower on to the right temperature and strip off my jammies, and climb in.

*15 Mins Later*

I climb out the shower all fresh and ready to start getting dressed. I go to the dresser in my room and pull out some underwear and put them on. I take the towel off my hair and let it air dry *My hair is naturally curly*, whilst I look for some clothes. I finally find my pink skater skirt, and a blue crop top. I pull my clothes on and then pick up my phone checking the time. I look and it is 7:30am, I put my phone on the docing station and start listening to Paramore. I go over to my mirror and start putting on my make-up, which consists of, Foundation, Concealer, Eye-Shadow, Blush, Eye-liner, Mascara and lipgloss. Pleased with my look I find my teal coloured converse and put them on. I grab my phone and make my way downstairs to the kitchen. Once I reach the kitchen my phone starts ringing, I look at caller ID and see it's by best friend Courtney!

*O- Olivia, C-Courtney*


O- Hey girl, what's up?

C- Hey, and I'm on my way round to your house now, I thought we could walk together since it's the first day?

O- Of course babe, just walk in when you get here!

C- Okay, be there in 5!

O- Okay see you soon!

*End of phone call*

I put my phone down on the worktop and grab a bowl. I look around searching for coco pops, a sigh of relief washes over me when I find them. I start pouring them into the bowl when my front door opens. I shout to Courtney "In the kitchen babe", two seconds later Courtney appears at the kitchen door. She then makes her way to one of the seats and sits down.

We sit in a comfortable silence whilst I eat, casually looking up and laughing at each other for no reason. I finish my cereal and put the bowl in the sink, I check the time and it is 8:30, we have half an hour to get to school. "Come on we better get going to school" I say to Courtney with a little giggle. She gets up from the seat, "Yeah, I hope we are in some classes together" She says with a smile. I reply "Yeah me too!" And with that we walk out the front door to start our alk to school.


*Authors Note*

Hey guys this is my first movella! It took me a while to think of what to write haha! Leave a comment down below if you want to be added in anywhere in this story, just tell me who you want to be! or kik me, my kik is tammybrown1998.!

Hope you enjoyed this chapter, I will try to update as much as I can! Peacekies!

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