I Changed Him, And He Changed Me

My name is Olivia, If I must say so I am the popular bitch of the school. But one day that all changes... I get partnered with the dork in art class, I don't even know the kids name! But somehow, He changes me and I change him.


2. Entering The Horrific Building We Call School.

*Courtney's P.O.V*

Olivia and I have left her house to make our way to school. Along the way we bumped into our other best friend Corrie, She dates Harry. Corrie and Harry are like the popular couple of the school, but altogether we are like The Plastics from Mean Girls, Olivia is Regina, I am Gretchen and Corrie is Karen. Anyway, we are walking along the road and we see the school getting closer and closer to us each step we take.

*Corrie's P.O.V*

When we finally reach the school gates I see my boyfriend Harry, so I run up to him and he picks me up and spins me around. He is the cutest guy ever. Olivia and Courtney finally catch up and Courtney spots her boyfriend Louis and she ran over to him. I saw out the corner of my eye, they had a little kissing session, and then they started walking in to the school building.

*Olivia's P.O.V*

We all walked into the terrifing school grounds together, my new converse scuffing off the gravelled concrete. I realised I should stop before I ruin them. Corrie and Courtney both run off to their boyfriends, and I just stand their awkwardly. I know what you're thinking, You're one of the most popular girls of the school and you're single? Ha yeah, I'm single by choice, Mr. Right hasn't come by yet, all of the boys I've dated are complete jerks... Anyway I'm getting a bit carried away in Olivia land, lets get back to school.

I start walking to the building entrance, I stand at the doors and look up to the sky seeing the gastly building towering over me. It sends cold shivers down my back, I shake it away and walk into the building. I walked to the main office to get my timetable of all my classes for the year.

I looked down at the thin piece of sheet in my hand saw that my first class was art. I must say I am quite good at art, I can express my feelings on a pathetic white canvas. I start walking slowly to my locker and out the combonation in and BAM! my locker opens. I grab out my art supplies and make my way up the stairs to art.

I'm too busy in Olivia land that I didn't notice that I had walked into somebody causing my brushes to fly everywhere. I look up and see a nerdy kid picking up my brushes. I start yelling at him, "Watch where you're fucking going!, buy a pair of glasses that fucking work dipshit!" " S-s-sorry, I d-didn't mean to a-anger you" he stutters. I look up and see hurt and fear in his eyes. "Forget about it, just watch where you're going next time yeah?" I take my brushes and see him nod his head frantically. I walk away and find my art class.


*Authors note*

Will update some more tomorrow, please share with your friends! Comment if you want to be in the story! or kik me tammybrown1998! Peackies!

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