I Changed Him, And He Changed Me

My name is Olivia, If I must say so I am the popular bitch of the school. But one day that all changes... I get partnered with the dork in art class, I don't even know the kids name! But somehow, He changes me and I change him.


3. Art Class.

*Olivia's P.O.V*


I found my art class, and walked in. I was one of the few many people sitting in the room, which is weird because I'm normally the last. But because I like art I like to be here early. Even though I'm popular, I like to sit at the back of the room so I can concentrate more on my painting. I started to walk to the back corner of the classroom to take a seat at my desk. I soon as my ass hits the chair, the bell rings. I sit and watch everyone walk through the door, then I notice the dork from earlier walk into the classroom.

*Niall's P.O.V*

Well if you've not already guessed it, I'm the school dork. Anyway, I can't believe I managed to piss off one of the most popular girls of this school. I accidently walked into her and her paintbrushes went everywhere. I helped pick them up but she just snapped at me. She is just so beautiful and her eyes are the most amazing colour of gree... Niall! Stop it! You'll never have a chance with her! My consience starts to argue with me. I quickly look at my watch and realise the bell is about to go, So I pick up my backpack and run to art class. I walk through the door and notice Olivia sitting in the corner. My heart stops beating as I take in her beauty. I quickly shake these thoughts away and walk to the opposite side of the classroom and sit down at the back.

*Olivia's P.O.V*

I watch the dork intensly as he walks to the other side of the classroom and sits down. I quickly look away and Mr.Finkleberg walks in and stands in front of his desk. "Welcome class, I will be your art teacher for the year, and ooh guess what!? I have a project already for you's to work on!" He says, way to happily. I hear the whole class groan except for me and the dork. I'm quite excited for this project. He continues to say "You will be partnered up with someone to work with so you will have to meet up after to school to get this completed on time". Ugh I hope I don't get stuck with some dimwit! Mr. Finkleberg starts to read out names and I zone out until I hear my name ".....Olivia Gordan and Niall Horan" I think to myself, who the hell is Niall Horan? I then see the dork stand up and walk over to me. Once he reaches me he holds out his hand and says nervously "H-h-hi, I'm N-n-Niall Horan". I shake his and and say proudly, "I'm Olivia Gordon". " I k-know, I've been i-in your classes f-for the past three y-years" he says still nervous. I reply simply "Oh I've never noticed you before" He shrugs his shoulders and under his breath I can hear him say, "No-one ever does".  We start having a little talk about what we are going to do for our project and then I say "I'll give you my number so you can text me your address so we can work at yours some days and then work at mine the other days" I see his eyes grow big, huh guess he's never had a girls number before.

*Niall's P.O.V*

Oh my gosh! I'm getting Olivia Gordon's number!! Calm down Niall it's just and art project nothing more. I hand her my phone so she can put her number in and she gave me hers so I could do the same. I put my contact name as Niall :) and gave her back her phone. She hands me my phone and I see her contact name as Olivia!<3 I smile at this, and suddenly the bell rang. Olivia quckily collects her stuff and says she'll text me her address and to go round to her house tonight to start. And with that I was alone in the classroom.


*Authors Note*

Hey guys! Hope you're enjoying this book so far! I shall update a couple more chapters tonight, comment if you want to be in the story, Like and favourite this book and share with your friends! Or you can kik me some of the characters you want to be in the story, my kik is tammybrown1998. Peacekies!<3





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