I Changed Him, And He Changed Me

My name is Olivia, If I must say so I am the popular bitch of the school. But one day that all changes... I get partnered with the dork in art class, I don't even know the kids name! But somehow, He changes me and I change him.


8. Another Authors Note *Sorry!*

Hey guys I'm really sorry I haven't been updating! I have been really busy these past couple of days, but I promise you that I will update today or tomorrow! For now lets have a look at the characters!

This is Olivia!

This is Courtney!

This is Corrie!

And this is Niall as a Nerd!

If I have missed anyone out please comment? And if you want to be in the story, just tell me what character you want to be. Or kik me! tammybrown1998!



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