Bad Boy Brooks

~~Luke brooks fanfic~~wat happens when ur family dosent accept ur relationship but you know youre doing the right thing and no one else does~~crazy shit come on and read it~~


12. The surprise?

Day of the party*** jai's p.o.v~ luke had everything ready.He was really expecting this party.

lukes p.o.v~i was finally done and changed :) tonight would be amazing! All i need is her to be here.(i thought) doorbell rings*** Beau screams "ive got it."

beaus p.o.v~i opened the door to see this girl & she looked very familiar..."heyy remember me?"she said with a Huge smile :D. "Um...well u look familiar "im alexandra you know lukes girlfriend that saddlly moved away :(. "Ooh now i know who u r well hi!" "Lol wellweres everyone cause i wanna say hi?" "Moms out so here talk to jai"i said pulling here to the living room.

lukes p.o.v. Everyone was getting here and it was pretty crouded.but she still didnt get here i had just came out of my room. A second later jai comes running to me saying that she was at the end of the street.i ran to tell everyone to turn off the lights and turn off the musicand i went outside closing the door behind me. There i could see here i jogged to her and hugged her.She looked beautiful in that dress!  ^^^ Then she said "hayy babe arent u gonna give me some sugar?"she said touching her lips. Right after she said that i pushed her to the ground (grass) and gave her the biggest longest most intense kiss ive ever given her! We finallypulled apart sinve we were soo out of breath. After catching our breath i remembered about the party damn i totally forgot so i told her "hey i think i forgot my wallet in the house lets go get it." "Ok" she said interwining our fingers together. I love her so much and im so greatfull to have someone like her i thought. We finally got to the door.i opened it....SURPRISE!!! Alot of people screamed as i turned on the lights. "Omg i love you so much babe Thank you!" she said hugging me tears in her eyes. She let me go to go talk to her friends.What mattered was that she really loved the surprise! I couldnt be happier!...My thoughts were interupted by a voice "lukiee im back!"


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