Bad Boy Brooks

~~Luke brooks fanfic~~wat happens when ur family dosent accept ur relationship but you know youre doing the right thing and no one else does~~crazy shit come on and read it~~


14. the end?

*One week later*

my birthday party was so amazing! I love luke and i really think he feels the same way which makes me so proud to call him my boyfriend. He's perfect.Hes hot,sweet,caring,and sexy. I love everthing about him.Hopefully one day we can have a family :).

Anyways, sorry i got distarcted... Me and luke have gotten closer and closer each has been great and im not just saying that because weve done it like 7 times in total. These times were absolutly perfect.May i add he is good ;). So like i was saying things have been pretty intence and heated. Im happy everytime i give myself to him,but what has been wierd is that i have been getting alot of craves which i dont know if they mean anything...



do u guys think i should keep on going with this story cause im pretty much out of ideas and im just focusing on my newest story red rebel and i am updating on it. So if u want me to keep this story going comment,thank u!

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