Bad Boy Brooks

~~Luke brooks fanfic~~wat happens when ur family dosent accept ur relationship but you know youre doing the right thing and no one else does~~crazy shit come on and read it~~


7. Problems???

Lukes p.o.v.

i jogged home and my feet burned so much the sidewalk was so hot from the beating sun ☀☁

as i got home i started walking it wasent that long till i open the door to beau and jai watching paranormal activities or something so i walked carefully behind jai and screamed right next to him 'rawr' he litteraly screamed and i bet that he totally peed his pants cause he got up and left 'sup beau?' 'Just watching a movie with that scary cat u?' 'Well lets see long story short me and Alisa sneaked out last night and went to the  club got drung a shit i dont remember then when i wacke up i find out we did it and stuff then tyler came in and kicked me out so i fogot my shhoes so yea' 'wait hold up did u say u guys did it?' 'Well duh its not the first time but the other times i do remember but not this one' 'really? Then bro i guess ur growing up'beau says fist pumping me 'i guess...'

Alisa's p.o.v.

tyler was so pist i wonder why he didnt kill luke right there instead hes all like im going to kill that  motherfucking bitch if i ever see him again and left my room.I got changed into some sweats and a tank top and just sat there think about how complicated my life was.Everyone considered luke as the bad boy in school and everyone is either friends with him ir afraid of him.Tyler used to be really close friends with luke they would go to eachothers houses and stuff till that day.....

*flashback one year ago*^•^

It was tylers 18th birthday and we had a big house party and everything was going good till luke came cause as i said before people are scared of him so the party got quieter and after a little while of luke talking to tyler and there friends he saud he needed to use the restroom so when he walked past me he winked at me so only i could see and walked away.I thought he was just kidding or something cause hes my brothers friend tyler could of put him up to it so i ignored the memory. Later that night everyone that was left which was like just 6 people including me,luke,and tyler decided to play spin the bottle first it landed on ryler and he spined it and it landed on chloe my best friend they kissed and i almost threw up during the whole scene.Then it was lukes turn and he spined it and it landed on me then tyler gasped cause he obiously didnt expect this to happen.Before i knew it me and luke were like making out till tyler said 'dude thats enough' then luke and i split apart and he winked at me once again.After the party then next day at school luke told me that he had a huge crush on me then asked me the one question i didnt expect 'will u be my girlfriend?' I told him that i liked him a little to and i said 'yes.' That afternoon after school we meet up at the back of the school and he said that he always wanted to do this then he smashed me again the wall and we ♥kissed♥ for a while till

we split up and he said he would text me.

The next day tyler found out and never talked to luke again and told  me that it was a bad idea that we were dating.i told him i didnt care

*end of flashback*




You are my best friends you are my fuckin best friend and this is the best night ever...♥

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