Bad Boy Brooks

~~Luke brooks fanfic~~wat happens when ur family dosent accept ur relationship but you know youre doing the right thing and no one else does~~crazy shit come on and read it~~


10. Office time

It was all going perfect till we heard a loud cough we turned around to face..........

me.hall the principal.ugh then he started talkin 'excuse me but there is no PDA at school children now go get ready for class,i bet if i called ur parents they would be mad wouldnt they?

then my babe answered 'ok so u think they care? Well let me tell u this they dont care and if u dont believe us then go ahead call em' 'abd thats exactly what im going to do,to my office NOW!' He exclaimed 'lmao babe u pist him off'  i whispered. 'I know' luke replied with a smile. Ugh i <3 that smile its perfect.i love him! So then jumping out of my thoughs we started actually walking to him stupid lame office. 'Take a seat on the chiars'

said mr.hill then he started to dial our parents ringed and no one picked up.then he called the babes mom and she picked up on the second ring this was there conversation 〰〰〰

'hello mrs.brooks?'

'yea thats me'

oh well i would like to inform you that ur son, luke was caught by me outside the front of the school kissing a girl'

'oh do u mean Alisa?'

yes that is correct'

'well there dating a are free to do wat ever they want so can u please stop calling me about obious things!'

'alright ok sorry for the bother.goodbye' he said before mrs.brooks hanged up on him.

'See told u that she dont care' said luke 

'Go back to class both of you and i catch you doing that again i promise you that i will suspend u... 'Like he can' i tald luke after we left the office 'ikr hes so stupid hes the only one that cares about all this shit.i wonder why hes single!' 'Hahahahh' we both burst out laughing.this teacher still hasent got to know us he thinks that well listen to his rules like the fuck screw him he a dumb asshole like literaly no joke a anoying ur ass one!i though

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