My Real Life

Lily is your typical, average girl. What you should know is...Lily's dad is Simon Cowell. He finds out that Lauren and her best friend Courtney more to find out.


3. The second week of X Factor

Court and I were practicing our song when the boys walked in. All seven of them...-"wait! Seven?" I thought.
 I recounted in my head. Seven. Then I recognised the faces. Drew and Andy. They were watching Court and I.
 "Hit the lights! Let the music move you! Lose control tonight! Come alive! Let the moment take you. Lose yourself tonight!" Court and I sang.
 "Woohoo!" Someone yelled.
 Court and I went off stage, and walked down to them. Niall gave me a hug, and Drew and Court where holding hands.
 "'s your arm? Lily?" Andy asked.
 "It''s...feeling better," I responded.
 "That's good to know."
 "Please stop."
 "Stop what? afraid of me?"
 "No. You're just so angry at times, and you hurt people."
 "Well I think we should kiss." Andy cam closer to me. He grabbed me so I couldn't run away. 
  "NIALL!!! NIALL!!! NIA-" I screamed, but I was cut off by Andy. 
  I tried squirming out of Andy's grasp. He had a tight grip on me. Someone ripped me off. I looked up, and saw my father.
  Niall punched Andy, while the rest of the boys got security. Simon set me down on the stage, and then went to go break up the fight.
  Court and Drew ran over.
  "Ohmygosh! Lil's are you ok!?" She asked.
  "Yeah," I responded. 
  "I know Andy likes you, and all, but he has never done that to a girl before," Drew said.
  "Yup. He's always been the normal Andy with all of his girlfriends."
  "Ok then."
  Niall walked over with a bloody nose, a busted lip, and a bump on his temple. Simon walked over too.
  "Drew. Tell Andy he's fired. Niall go get an ice pack. Courtney and Lily, go to your dressing room to pick out your outfits," Simon commanded.
   Court and I went to our dressing room, and saw a camera.
   "Girls! Come have a seat. We are it's shooting a small video for the audience to see, before you start singing," the woman said. 
   We did the video, and then our outfit person came over.
   "Courtney. I've made you a blue dress. It has a strap, and it goes across your right shoulder. Lily. I've made you a pink dress. It's the same as Courtney's," the designer/maker said. 
   "Ok. Thank you," we both said.
   She left us alone in our dresses. There was a knock at the door. While we were fixing our necklaces. 
   "Yes?" Courtney yelled.  
   "Just coming to collect you guys for the show!" Drew yelled.
   "We'll be right out!" I responded.
   Courtney and I quickly put on some make up, and opened the door. Drew smiled, when we walked out. 
   "Ruff! Ruff!" Barked a dog. 
   "Bella!" I yelled.
   "Ruff, Ruff, Ruff!l" Bella barked as she ran to me.
   I picked her up, and carried her. She's a puppy, only about five months old. Bella is a Yorki, whose going to be five inches tall. 
   "Next up is Cher Lloyd!" Courtney said.
   "Right after this commercial break!" I said. 
   "STAY TUNED! We both said.
   Once it was commercial time, Courtney and I got our make up fixed. 
   "Girls in your places in. 3. 2. 1." Point! (The producer said.)
   Courtney and I were standing, microphones in hand.
   "Please welcome Cher Lloyd!" We both said. 
   After Cher, more single artists come out, like Rebecca Fergeston, and others who I can't remember there names. A different announcer came on stage. It was One Direction. Niall winked at me. 
   "Next up is a new upcoming artist!" They said. "Courtney Carlson and Lily Cowell! We'll be right back after commercial! Stay tuned!"
   Courtney and I smile and waved until it went to commercial. We ran off, and change outfits.
   Once the show was back on, Courtney and I were behind the walls, that moved. We waited and waited until we heard the boys voiced.
   "Here are Courtney and Lily!" They said.
   The music started. My door started to open. 
   "It's the boy I never told I like you," I sang.
   "It's the girl you let get away," Courtney sang.
   "It's the one you'd as that day on the train, but you freaked out and walked away."
   "It's the plane you wanna catch to Vegas. Things you swear you'll do before you die."
   "It's the city of love that waits for you, but your too damn scared to fly!"
           *skips to after the song*
   Everyone was smiling and clapping when we finished. Simon and I met half way and gave each other a hug. I walked back onto the stage, next to Court and One Direction.
   "Up next is One Direction!" I said. 
   "After we hear from the judges," Niall said.
   "Girls! That was absolutely amazing!" Louis proclaimed.
   "That was terrific!" Said Natalie. 
   "Absolutely astounding!" exclaimed Cheryl
    "You girls killed it tonight. Lily, your an fantastic daughter! Courtney, your like Lily's twin!" Simon told us.
   "Thank you!" We both exclaimed. 
   "Will you join us next week?" Louis (the judge) asked.
   "It's up to Simon. What do you say?" Court said.
   "Well..." Simon said. "Are you commuted to singing?"
   "Yes," we both said.
   " can come back next week."
   "THANK YOU DAD! THANK YOU SIMON!" Court and I said at the same time.
        *after commercial break*
   "Next up is One Direction!" Court and I screamed into our microphones. 
   It was only week two, so One Direction is singing, My life would suck without you. 
   Court and I went off to the side. Drew walked over, and whispered something in Court's ear. She leaned her head in my direction. 
   "Andy's here. He brought a girl with him too, she whispered.
   "I really don't care," I responded.
   The boys walked our way while they were singing. Niall winked at me, and I smiled. I started blushing a little, when I got a call. I looked down, and saw it was my mum's home phone in Cheshire. 
   "Hello," I said.
   "Hey honey!" She responded.
   "Can I call you back after the show?"
   "Yeah! I saw you on TV! Bye!"
   Court was looking over at me, strangely.
   "Mum calling."
   "Oh," she responded.
   One Direction made it through. I called my mum back.
   "Hey mum. How the family?" 
   "Des and I are doing fine. Would you like to spend a few days up here with Des and me?"
   "Sure. Can Courtney and her boyfriend come?"
   "Yes. Yes of course." (Muffled) "Charlie! Put that down! That was my grandmothers!"
   "Whose Charlie, mum?"
   "You never got the message from aunt Margert?"
   "Mum. She hates me!"
   "Oh yeah. Charlie's your step sister, well more like half sister. She's eight, and she looks like you almost"
   "Can't wait to meet her! When do we come up?"
   "This Thursday - Saturday afternoon. You can sing for us."
   "Ok. Bye mum."
   "Bye honey."

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