My Real Life

Lily is your typical, average girl. What you should know is...Lily's dad is Simon Cowell. He finds out that Lauren and her best friend Courtney more to find out.


1. The life

The five boys. In the hottest boy band ever! The one who put them together, my father, Simon Cowell. 
   The one who created XFactor. He takes me with him everywhere. Even when he's sick, I'm still their. 
  They rehearse nonstop. They still have time for me. I've watched them from the beginning. 
   I'm 17, and I can sing excellently. My own father doesn't even know. He's barley around, and I've mainly lived my whole life by myself. My mom left Simon, for another man. 
  "I'm the only girl in the world. Your the only one I can love. Put me in your heeaarrt. Only girl!" I sang.
  "Hey luv! Your a really good singer!" Someone yelled the throught the door.
   I quickly shut off the water. Dried myself. Put on my favorite outfit, and put my hair up in an ballerina bun. 
  I unlocked the door. Niall was standing their.
   "You have a wonderful voice," he told me.
   "Thanks!" I responded.
   "Why don't you sing in front of your father?" 
    "Well...I've always been on my own, and I know that Simon would just say, Good job honey! I'm so proud of you! He never really listens to me, since my mother left for another British man in Cheshire."
    "You know Harry's dad lives in Cheshire."
     My father walked up and saw Niall chatting with me.
    "Niall aren't you suppose to be rehearsing with the boys?" He asked.
     "Actually the boys need you to listen to us sing," Niall responded. 
    "Let's go then, Lily!"
    "Coming Father! I'll be right down!" 
    I grabbed my phone, and my purse. I  texted my best friend, Courtney.
   Hey! I have to leave for the X-Factor studios. Wanna come?
   Text from Courtney at 12:00pm
   Sure. Can you pick me up?
   I responded:
   I'll ask. We have Niall with us, I think.
   Text from Courtney at 12:01pm
   I ran down stairs, and ran into Niall. Luckily, we didn't fall in front of my father. 
   "You alright luv?" He asked.
   I brushed myself off, and called for my father. 
   "He already left. I'm going to take you."
   "Ok. We have to pick up my friend, Courtney. She just lives next door." I texted Courtney saying:
  My dad already left. Niall knows I can sing well. 
  Text from Courtney at 12:09pm
  K. I'll be waiting outside!
  Once Niall and I were outside. Courtney ran to us and told us to run to the car.
  "Why?" I asked.
  "FANS!" She yelled.
  I quickly locked the front door, and darted to the car. Niall already had the engine running. I jumped in, and he took off. 
  Courtney, and I started to sing.
  "White lips. Pale face. Breathing in the snowflakes. Burnt love. Sour taste."
   Niall drove up to the studio, while we were still singing. The windows were rolled down, and almost everyone in the parking lot heard us.
    I opened my door, and my father was standing their.
    "Lily?" He said in a stern tone.
    "Yes?" I responded.
    "How long have you been singing?"
    "For a... Ever since mom left."
    "What about you Courtney?"
    "Same time," Court replied.
    "You two come with me. Niall get the boys."
     Courtney and I walked behind my father, with worried faces. Everyone watched us. He took us to his private office. 
     "Girls. Please sit down," he said.
     "Father. I know your probably upset, but I didn't want to go through the singing business. I was young. Court and I were to young to begin our singing careers." 
     "I'm going to give you guys a contract at my agency."
     "AHHH!!!" We both screamed.
     "Girls. Girls! Their are other people in the hallway."
   Court and I saw the boys on stage, practicing. A guy with curly hair, like Harry's, walked up to us. He was our age.
   "Excuse me, but Simon wants you two to sing before One Direction and the host the show, this Saturday." He said
    "And who are you?" I asked.
    "I'm Drew Adams. I'm Simons helper. Or should I say, assistant."
     "I'm Lily and-" (I said)
     "I'm Courtney," Court told him. 
    The boys walked over, and Niall was close to me. Another guy walked up. He was cute, but didn't look like my type.
    "Hi. I'm Andy. Andy Alpert. I help out Drew, with some of his tasks."
    "I'm Lily, that's Courtney, this is Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn," I said.
    "Lily! Courtney! I need you on the stage, ASAP!" Simon yelled.
    "We'll be right their, Father!"
    "Woah! Simons your father!?" Andy asked.
    "Yeah. TTYL boys!"

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