My Real Life

Lily is your typical, average girl. What you should know is...Lily's dad is Simon Cowell. He finds out that Lauren and her best friend Courtney more to find out.


13. Remembering

                *present day* 
   I remember that year all too well. Courtney and I are still going strong. I have a new boyfriend, named Zac. He's a model, and we met at one of my concerts. He's really sweet, and he said he would always stay by my side, no matter what.
   Niall left me, and said, I will always remember you and love you. That was his last goodbye. It breaks my heart every time I see him on a magazine. 
   Courtney and I were recording in LA. We were doing our new song called, Heart Attack. Zac, and Drew was sitting on the couch, they had their, listening to us sing. Simon was sitting next to the producer. 
   Zac was bobbing his head, as I sang my heart out.
   "As I burn into Flammmessss!" Courtney sang.
   "Flammmessss" background singer.
   "Flaaaammmmeeesssss!" I sang with my hearts content.
   "You make me glowwww! But I cover up wont let it showwww!"
   "So I'm putting my defences up! Cuz I don't wanna fall in love! If I ever did that...I think I'll have a heart attack! I think I'll have a heart attack!"
   Courtney and I did the track ten more times, and someone walked in on our last rehearsal. 

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