My Real Life

Lily is your typical, average girl. What you should know is...Lily's dad is Simon Cowell. He finds out that Lauren and her best friend Courtney more to find out.


6. Lockdown

We were back at the studios, and Andy kept trying to get in. 
   Court and I were sitting in Simon's office, chatting when all of a sudden we went into lock down. We shut the blinds, turned off the light, covered the door, and hid under the wood desk. 
   "Knock knock knock," someone was at the door.
   I put my finger up to my mouth.
   "Knock knock knock."
   Court and I stayed their. We didn't move, and we tried not to breathe heavily. 
   "Knock knock knock."
   "Sir! They aren't answering the door," said a voice.
   "Try to open it then," a different voice said.
   *jiggle jiggle* 
   "It's locked sir!"
   "Open up! Whoever is in their open up!" 
   *jiggle jiggle jiggle* 
   "Ah!" Silently came our of Court's mouth.
   I shot my finger up to my mouth.
   "It's security!" 
   "Open up!"
   "Lily! Courtney! Open up!" Cried Drew.
   "Lily! Courtney! Please open up!" Niall yelp.
   I crouched their shakily. We heard keys jingle, outside the door. The door opened. Drew, and Niall came around the corner of the desk. We looked at them with fear.
   "Come here," Niall said to me.
   I got up still shaking. Niall pulled me into a hug, and didn't let go. I saw Courtney and Drew hugging as well. 
   "Niall..." I said.
   "Yes luv?"
   "Why did we go into lock down?"
   "Andy tried getting in, and he brought something with him."
   "What was it?"
   "A army knife."
   "He wanted to kill me."
   Simon walked in, and saw the hugging fest. He just stood their, until we broke up. We saw what was in his eyes. Anger. 
   "Ok. Girls, we are going to have to put you into the boys room, and Drew," He said.
   "Yes sir?" Drew responded.
   "You will be staying with One Direction and the girls."
   "Ok sir!"
   "Simon," Niall said.
   "Their isn't enough room for nine if us in our room."
   "Oh. We'll make it work."

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