My Real Life

Lily is your typical, average girl. What you should know is...Lily's dad is Simon Cowell. He finds out that Lauren and her best friend Courtney more to find out.


5. Leaving my mums

It was Saturday morning, and my mum walked in, and wanted to talk to me. Courtney left the room, so then we could be alone.
   "Honey. I wanted to say, I'm sorry that I left and never said goodbye, and then didn't invite you to the wedding or telling you about Charlie or Harry. I'm soooo sorry!" She said.
   "It's fine mum. I'm already over it," I responded.
   She gave me a hug, and then left. Courtney can back in, saying breakfast was in twenty and that we should start packing.
   "We should probably check in on the boys," I said.
   "Yes. Yes we should," Courtney responded.
   We softly knocked on the door, and Drew opened it. He put his index to his mouth, and motioned us to come in. No one was up except Drew, and Zayn.
   Court and I waved to Zayn, and he smiled back, in return. Niall was smiling in his sleep, while Harry was on the ground, and only in a blanket. Liam was sleeping, sitting up right, in a chair. Louis was laying on top of Niall's bed, he's lower half, hanging off of the bed.
   Zayn nodded over to Niall, and he mouthed, "wake him." I nodded, and walk over. I also noticed that Niall was holding something. 
   I motioned Zayn over.
   "He was holding that last night, before he fell asleep."
   "What is it?"
   "I think it's a picture."
   Zayn lifted up the cover, and Niall was wearing sweat pants. It was a picture, that somebody took of Niall and me by the campfire. It was when we were cuddling. 
   Niall was still smiling in his sleep. I looked at Zayn, and was about to put ice cold water on Niall. I called him off, leaned down and whispered in Niall's ear.
   "It's time to get up, Niall. Don't you want to see my beautiful face?" I whispered.
   "Wha?" He responded, rubbing his eyes. 
   "Just waking you up."
   He rubbed his eyes, again, and threw his legs over the bed. 
   "Oh ok."
   Niall got up, and just stared at me. On the other hand, Zayn was waking up Louis, Harry, and Liam.
   "AHHHH!!!" Screamed Harry.
   "THAT'S COLD!" Screamed Liam. 
   "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Louis screamed, like a manly girl, but mainly a man. 
   We were all laughing. 
   "That wasn't very nice!" Louis said, and started to pout. 
   "Hey! We had to wake you up some how, so then we can pick up the room, pack the car, and head back to the studio," Zayn told them.
   "Breakfast!" Charlie yelled.
   We all walked out, and saw Des making French toast, pancakes, and pancake crepes. 
   "Yum! Thanks Des!" I said, and gave him a daughterly kiss on the cheek.
   "Your welcome, Lily," he responded.
   I sat down with Court on my left, and Niall on my right. I ate how Simon taught me. 
   "Be proper, sit up straight, don't slouch, cut pieces into small or small bite sized pieces, and eat with a small mouth," I thought.
   I did exactly as I was told, except eat with a small mouth part, because the crepes were stacked. 

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