My Real Life

Lily is your typical, average girl. What you should know is...Lily's dad is Simon Cowell. He finds out that Lauren and her best friend Courtney more to find out.


12. Finding the dress

I still couldn't find my dress, and it was one o'clock in the afternoon. U just couldn't remember where I last put it, until it hit me. Like literally, something hit me. 
   "It's at home!" I thought.
   I quickly drove home, grabbed my dress from my closet, and drive back to the studios. 
   I was curling my hair, when someone knocked at the door.
   "Come in!" Court exclaimed.
   The person opened the door. It was...only Simon.
   "What are you ladies doing?" He asked.
   "Getting ready to go on a date," Court responded.
   "With who?"
   "Father. It's only Niall and Drew. They asked us, and we didn't ask them. Don't worry," I reassured him.
   "Ok then. Don't stay out too late, and be home before curfew."
   Simon closed the door, and I got back to curling my hair. Court was standing in front of the mirror, put on light make up. 
   Once I was done with my hair and make up, Court and I waited for the boys. I checked twitter, and I read a comment that was rude.
   @alison457: @lilycowell56 go die in a hole. Andy deserves better, and I make him happier, when I actually said yes, to his question.  Unlike you, who broke his heart for the new star, Niall Horan. Niall and Andy deserves better than you. 
   I started crying. That was the most hurtful thing I have ever read. I was all alone, and I didn't know where Courtney was.  
   I sat in a corner for a good hour, until someone finally came in. I couldn't make the face out, because my face was filled with tears. 
   "Luv? What happened?" The person said.
   "N-n-Niall?" I responded.
   "Yes, luv. It's me. You didn't answer the door, so I came in."
   I just stared at the floor.
   "Did I do something wrong?"
   "Then what happened?"
   "A girl on twitter told me to go die in a hole, and that you and Andy deserved better, but I don't like Andy. I love you."
   "I love you too."

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