My Real Life

Lily is your typical, average girl. What you should know is...Lily's dad is Simon Cowell. He finds out that Lauren and her best friend Courtney more to find out.


15. Chapter 11 - Meeting the new boyfriend & the accident

Niall's POV: the lads and I were walking past a recording studio, when we heard a girl belt out a loud voice.
   "Ffflllammmesss!!" The voice sang.
    "You make me glowwww! But I cover up wont let it showwww!" Another sang
   "So I'm putting my defences up! Cuz I don't wanna fall in love! If I ever did that...I think I'll have a heart attack! I think I'll have a heart attack!" The first voice sang.
   I opened the door silently, and walked in. I saw Simon, and a producer sitting at the control table. I also saw a stranger, and Drew sitting their listening to the music. Finally, I saw Court, and Lily. I haven't seen them in years. 
   My last goodbye to Lily replayed in my head.
             *flash back to 2010*
   Lily was crying into my shoulder. I didn't want to leave her, and I knew she didn't want to leave me either. We were chatting, and we both had to leave. 
   I whispered, "I will always remember you and love you."
   After that she had to leave right away. I never heard from her again, and I thought about calling her, but...I never had enough courage to actually do it. 
               *end if flashback*
   I stood their, still in my flashback, when someone nudged me.
   "Ow!" I whispered.
   "Lily and Courtney just walked out. Act normal, considering, Lily has a boyfriend," Zayn responded.
   "So boys. What are you doing here?" Simon asked.
   "We were on our way to the studio next door, when we heard Courtney and Lily singing," I said.
   "Oh ok. Feel free to stop by whenever you want."
   "Father!" Lily exclaimed.
Lily's POV: the ones who walked in, was my kind of ex, and his gang. 
   "Yay!" I thought. "My kind of ex, meeting my new boyfriend."
   Court and I finished the song, and walked out. Zac and I hugged, and I kissed his cheek. Niall was in a deep zone out. I saw Zayn nudge him in the ribs. 
   "So boys. What are you doing here?" My father asked.
    We were on our way to the studio next door, when we heard Courtney and Lily singing," Niall said.
   "Oh ok. Feel free to stop by whenever you want."
   "Father!" I exclaimed.
   "What?" He whispered.
   "I don't want Niall to be so close to me again. Remember what happened last time?"
   "Yes. But Zac is a model, not a pop star. Remember all the fans, giving you nice messages, and sending you stuff, when you and Niall were kind of dating?"
   "Yeah dad, but I love Zac."
   We turned back around, and I saw Zac, Drew, Court, and One Direction all talking. 
   "Great!" I thought. "My boyfriend and all of my friends, talking to my kind of ex, and his friends."
   I walked over by Zac, and he slipped his arm around my waist. I saw Niall's jaw twitch, and he tightened his hands. 
   "So...Lily. How are you?" Harry asked.
   "I'm good. How are all of you?" I responded.
   "We're all fine. We were on our way to start recording our third/kind of fourth album. Since we recorded our Christmas album, already." 
   "So you're Zac. Lily's bodyguard?" Niall asked. 
   "No. Zac's my boyfriend."
Niall's POV: "so you're Zac. Lily's bodyguard?" I asked.
   "No. Zac's my boyfriend."
   "Boyfriend..." Ran through my head.
   "Niall? Man are you ok?" Liam asked.
   "Yea. Perfectly fine. I'm just going to go for a walk."
   I left the studio, heartbroken, and in tears. I dug the car keys out of my pocket, and shoved it into the car. The engine was on for a good five minutes, but I didn't go anywhere. I hit the steering wheel, before I started driving. 
   I was driving for a good ten minutes, when I saw a girl crying on a bench. It looked like Lily. I was so distracted, I didn't realise that the light was red, and ran straight through.
   I heard the glass crack, in the back of the car, the air bag's came out, and everything went back 

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