My Real Life

Lily is your typical, average girl. What you should know is...Lily's dad is Simon Cowell. He finds out that Lauren and her best friend Courtney more to find out.


2. Andy...

Drew's POV: 
     "Hey! You!" Andy said.
     "Which on?" The Irish one asked.
     "You!" Andy pointed at the blonde. "Stay away from our girls!"
     "I know Courtney doesn't like us, Lily loves us. She barley knows you. can have her, if she wants to date you." Then all five guys walked away.   
   I looked behind me, and saw both girls staring in our direction.
    Lily had tears in her eyes, from Andy's tone of voice. Courtney looked down, when we connected eyes. Simon was staring at Andy.
    "Uh-oh!" I thought. "Andy's gonna get fired."
    I pulled Andy into a corner.
   "You shouldn't have said that to Niall," I told him.
    "Why?" He asked.
    "Simons gonna fire you, for yelling at them."
    "Whatever. I know Lily will fall in love with me one way or another."
    Andy walked off, and I just stood their speechless.
Lily's POV: I was staring directly into Andy's eyes. I saw jealousy, and anger. I couldn't ever go out with a guy like that! 
   He walked away after Drew talked to him. I looked at Court and she has tears in her eyes too. I ran off stage.
   I ran into someone. I looked up, and saw Niall. He held out his hand, I took it.
   "You ok, luv? You seem fluster," he said.
   "I'm fine," I responded.
   "Ok then. Lets go for a wall, to calm your nerves."
    Niall and I started walking. We saw Courtney and Drew talking. Then we heard yelling coming from Simon's office.
    "Crystal," Andy responded.
    Andy walk out, like everything was fine. He spotted me.
    "Hey babe," he said.
    "Don't you babe me," I responded. 
    "How does a date sound to you?"
    "Like the devils coming to kill me."
    "Don't be like that. I know you want me."
    "Get away from me." 
    Andy put his hand on my arm. I tried to pull away, but Andy clutched it.
    "Please stop," I told him.
    He kept squeezing my arm.
    "OWWWW!!" I screamed.
    "Let go of her!!!" Yelled Niall and Simon. 
    "Okay," Andy replied.
    He led go, it was black and blue. Simon called security. Niall took me to the hospital.
  I was in the examination room, when a doctor walked in.
  "Hello. I'm Dr. Alper," he said.
  "Hi," I said.
  "Are you Andy Alper's father?" Niall asked.
  "Yes. Why?" Dr. Alpert asked.
  "Your son did this to Lily." 
  "Did he now!? Why? Did someone anger him? He doesn't like it when other guys try to take his girl." 
  "That would explain why he yelled at Niall, and hurt me!" I exclaimed.
  "Does he like you? Like a lot?" 
  "Yea. He asked me if I wanted to go on a date with him." 
  "What'd you say?" 
  "Like the devils coming to kill me." 
  "That might've been a way for him to hurt you." 
  He picked up my arm, and put a little pressure on it. I yelp in pain. Dr. Alper took me to an X-ray room. He put my arm, on a table, went into another room, and took an X-ray. 
  They printed out, twenty minutes later. My arm was broken, it just had a tiny fracture. He gave me a brace.
  "You have to wear this for 6 weeks. Come back after that, so then we can see if it healed or not," Dr. Alper told me.

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