Dangerous Love

What happenes to Marika if she meets Harry again?Will her secrets come out?


4. Will you be my..

Edith's POV


I was dragged outside by Niall because he had to tell me a secret. I sat down on the portch and turned to Niall, ''Let's hear your secret''. He took a deep breath and said''I-I like you'',''You what?''I asked confused,''I like you Edith like,like you. You know what I mean''He said looking straight in my eyes,''I-i don't know what to say''I said turning away,''You don't have to say anything if you don't feel the same..'',''No,no it's just I like you back''I said smiling and looking in his eyes,''You do. I thought.Ugh never mind, Will you be my girlfriend?''He said nervously,''Yes Niall but only on one condition'',''And that is?'',''If you'd be my boyfiend''I said smiling,''Yes, i will be your boyfriend''He said and hugged me. We stood up hand in hand and walked inside.We stepped in the livingroom and Louis asked:''Where were you so long?'',''We're kind of dating now''Niall said with a cute smile.I looked over at Zayn's and he was smiling. Why was he smiling? He'd usually be so pissed if any of his friends would date me.Well I gotta find out later.We sat down in the circle side by side and Niall was still holding my hand. He looked over me  and smiled.He turned to the game. Niall spinned the bottle and it landed on Marika.''K now.You have to kiss Harry''Niall said smiling really wide,''Wait,No, I'm not gonna kiss him'',Marika said,''You don't like him?''Louis said with a rape'i face(didn't know how to explain :D).''I mean i do, but..'',''So kiss him''Niall said with almost cracking up,''Okay then'',Marika said with a mad face.She moved closer to Harry and placed her lips on his.


Marika's POV


I moved closer to Harry and kissed him and he kissed back.I can't belive that. I thought if i kissed him he wouldn't but he did. It's like the world stopped when he kissed me. It felt like we were the only ones in the room and he did it with passion.I heared Zayn say,''get a room people'',I smiled and broke us apart.I saw in the corner of my eye that Harry was blushing and Karola was looking at the with super big eyes and mouthed,''i wanna know what happened''.I smiled and then Louis said that he and El are going home'',''I think we're going too''Zayn spoke,''Are you coming with us?''Zayn asked Edith,''I think if Niall doesn't mind I'll go with him''Edith said,''No not at all'',Niall said and they all stepped out of the house.''Are you coming Marika?''Karola asked me putting on her shoes,''Yeah I'm coming''I said and started putting my shoes on. Harry came to the corridor and hugged Karola and she said she'll be waiting in the car. I looked at Harry as he came closer. Our bodies were touching and he said,''I liked that'',''Well I enjoyed that too''I said and after that he kissed me. I think we stood there for like a minute when harry stepped away a little and said,''You know I've always liked you but I have never had the guts to aske you. Will you be my girlfriend?'',''Yes I will be'' I said and hugged him. 



I'm sorry for not posting for sooooo long. I was enjoying my last weeks of holiday and i was kind of busy.I know this chapter is not long but it's something so I hope you like it.I kind of had a writers block while writing this.If you have any ideas then leave the comments below.

Love Y'all Crazy Mofos


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