Dangerous Love

What happenes to Marika if she meets Harry again?Will her secrets come out?


6. update

Marika's POV

I'm meeting my old friend today. I lost contact with him after i moved to Holmes Chapel. I belive it was in 2011. I searched him through facebook and i finally found him. Today's gonna be like a reunite thingy. I haven't seen him in forever. Actually 2 years but it seems like forever. I told Harry i was heading out with an old friend. ''I'm going''I yelled to harry from the corridor,''When will you be back''He said standing up from the sofa and walking to me.''I'm not sure but i'll come home atleast 12pm'',''Okay, be safe''He said and kissed me.I left the house and headed to the car. I turned the engine on and left. He said we'll be going to a little resturant in the middle of London. I read the directions he sent me and finally found the place. It was a small,red resturant with little latterns hanging infront of the building. I stepped in and sat at a small table in the right far corner. I had sat there for  5 minutes when a similar boy came to me. ''Jack!'' I squeled and hugged him thight,''Out...of..breath..'' He said and i giggled.''You have changed''I said and sat down. He's hair was spiked up and he was wearing a thight grey buttoned up shirt and white very thight jeans. He used to wear  black t-shirts, dark thight jeans and hight tops. He was the basically the womanizer. He always had a group of girls around him and now he was different. He acted different, he spoke differently and he was just different.''Well,umm, I had no time to say you this nor called you to tell you this but.....I'm gay'' My mouth fell open and i couldn't close it. Why didn't I know. I'm his best friend. This came really unexpectedly. i thought maybe he got a girlfriend or married or whatever,not this. I can't say I'm really against gay people but,I just don't know what to think. Should I be angry that he didn't tell me earlier so i could adjust with this or i should be happy that my best friend came out and isn't afraod to show the world who he really is. ''Hello,Earth to Marika'' Jack said waving his hand infront of my face,''Oh sorry,i was lost in thought''I awkwardly said and smiled weakly.''So, Um, what have you been doing lately?''He asked,''Well, I moved to London a few weeks ago and I now have a boyfriend''I smiled.''Wait,you have a boyfriend? I'm just scared that you might get hurt because you,um remember what happened last time'' I could tell he was really concerned.I had told him about the shooting and everything.''Nothings gonna happen to me. I'm fine and he's name is Harry''I smiled and lifted up the menu to order.''What's his last name?'',''Styles. He's nameis Harry Styles''I said and continued to scan the menu,''What have i been missing. You are dating THE famous Harry Styles from One Direction? You were suprised because i was gay and now i have to find out that you're dating Harry fucking Styles?'' he said with big eyes ''Um,yeah. i'm sorry i didn't tell you earlier but yeah i'm dating him and I'm happy so you shoudn't worry about me''I smiled to him and retured to the menu.''that's good''he simply said and also started to look what to eat. We were at the resutarant for a good 4 hours talking,eating and remebering the old times. We left the place and he walked me to my car and i hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and so did he(lots of ''and''-s :D). I stepped in the car and drove home. I walked to the door and opened it to find a very angry Harry looking at me.''What is wrong with you? You go out for 4 hours with a guy I have never met and seen.'' He said screaming,''Harry; he's..'',''I don't care who he his, you were fucking all over him!''He was walking across the room back and forth,''it was just a kiss on the cheek and a simple hug'',''It looked like you hadn't seen him in a long time'',''I hadn't harry. He is my best friend and has been since the age of 5''. He stopped and looked at me,''He's your friend? I..I thought'',''You thought what? That I'd been sleeping around with him and snogging him while you were home? Well think again everything isn't what you always think and by the way, He's gay. Just so you'd know''And with that i walked upstairs and went to bed.

Harry's POV
I don't know what to think. Atleast he's gay and she's not dating behind my back. I walked upstairs to the bedroom and opened the door. She was in bed and peacefully sleeping. I took off my clothes leaving my boxers on and slidning in bed next to her. I wrapped my hand around her waist and whispered in her ear:'' I'm sorry baby'' and fell asleep.


I'm really sorry for updating for sooo long. My fall holiday just started so I'll try to update more. And this was kind of a short update but it was something. If you have any ideas or questions, just ask :) I'd really like to know what do you want to happen.


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