Dangerous Love

What happenes to Marika if she meets Harry again?Will her secrets come out?


3. the secret

A/N I'm sorry I was supposed to upload it yesterday but I was busy but now here it is. I wrote a longer chapetr that usual and i hope you'll like it.

Bye my Crazy Mofos <3


Edith's POV

I woke up and found myself in bed with Niall. Wait!! What?? How is Niall 

nezt to me? What happened the other night?? I looked under the covers to 

see i was fully dressed. Thank god. I slowly stood up and walked to the 

bathroom. I was just about to step out of the shower when i saw Niall 

brushing his teeth.''Dude! What are you doing here?''I asked 

angrily,''Brushing my teeth if i may?'',''No! Get out'',''Why?? By the way 

you have a beautiful voice''Niall said with a smirk on his face,''Wait,you 

heard me singing?'',''Yeah and why hasn't Zayn told us you can sing, I 

mean you are amazing'',''Well thank you but Can i please dry myself and 

get dressed i'm still kind of in my towel'',''Oh,sorry. Getting out'' 

Niall said laughing and closing the door.I dryed my body and hair,got 

dressed and made a pony.I came out of the bathroom to see Niall sitting in 

my laptop.''What are you doing?''I asked curiously,''Tweeting fans and 

what's your twitter'',''@EdithOleen(that's my friends)'',''I'm now 

following you'',''Thanks and I have a question for you'',''Go 

ahead'',''Why were you in my bed?''I asked,''I don't actually know. I 

think I was too drunk and I didn't know where I was going and Crashed on 

your bed'',''Oh okay. Thank god''I said relived,''You didn't like when I 

was sleeping next to you?''He said with a questioning expression,''It's 

not that I didn't like it..'',''So you did?''Niall said smirking,''Can I 

finish my sentence?I meant that..Uhh whatever. Iäm happy thet nothing 

happened''I said and walked out.


Niall's POV


I really don't know how I got in her room but I liked to sleep next to her 

even though I don't remeber anything.I finished my tweet''Woke up 

somewhere i have never been''. I logged out and went downstairs. I saw 

Edith eating toast in tht kitchen.''Do you want some?'' She 

asked,''Sure'',''Then go make some''She sais smiling,''So rude''I said 

doing a mad face,''Everything for you''She said while putting her dishes 

in the sink and calling for her dog.''Mikey!''.Mikey came running to her 

Edith took leash, put it around his neck and putted her jacket on. ''I'm 

going for a walk!''She yelled,''Okay''I said and she left. I made some 

toast and sat at the kitchen table. I was lst in my thought about Edith 

when Zayn interrupted.''Morning''He said sleepily.''Morning''I said still 

kind of in my own world.''What's wrong''Zayn asked sitting on the other 

side of the table.Should I say it to him or not? I don't know.      wanna 

know if he's not mad.No i can't it his sister.Ugh,here goes nothing.''Are 

you sure you're not gonna be mad?'',''It depends what are you about to say 

to me''He said smiling,''No it's very important and I can't let you be mad 

at me''I said with a serious face,''I'll try not to''He said smiling.I 

knew he's gonna be so mad at me bc he's very protective about Edith.''Okay 

then. I kind of like your sister''i said looking down.''What! are you 

serious?''. I nodded and was brought to a hug.''What? You're not 

mad?'',''No man,I know you're a good guy and you're very protective about 

everything that means to you''Zayn said smiling.''Thank yóu so much for 

not being mad and accepting that''I said hugging him.''Where is Edith?''He 

asked,''Oh,she went for a walk with Mikey''I said while putting my dishes 

in the sink,''Okay then.wait why are you even in our house?'',''I came 

with you two last night''i said while taking an apple from the 

fridge.''Where did you sleep?I didn't make a bed for you'',''I, umm slept 

in the same bed with Edith''I said very nervously,''What! you slept in the 

same bed as she? Now I'm mad''His face went red of anger and I was really 

scared.''Don't worry nothing happened. I slept on the other side of the 

bed and we both woke up with the same clothes from  yesterday'',''Okay If 

that's what happened then i'll not be mad but if that happens again you're 

done'',''k dad''I said joking,''No I'm serious''He said with a very angry 

face and left the kitchen.I sat back down to relize that she could be 

mine. I'm gonna ask her tonight.I left the kitchen and stepped out the 

door and called a taxi. I Checked my phone and tweeted ''Heading home. 

Have some important news to tell tonight''.The fans are going to be so 

curious what that was all about. I putted my phone back in my pocket and I 

arrived at my house. I payed the driver and walked to my front door. I saw 

the bushes move so i fastened my legs. I took my keys out of my pocket 

when i heared screaming. The fans found me. I fastly opened the door and 

closed it behind me locking it.


*6 hours later*


I got a text from Harry saying that he'll be having a little get  together 

at 8PM.I looked at the watch and it was 7.30 already.I changed and went 

out. I arrived at Harry's house and saw Louis',Zayn's,karola's and Liam's 

car parked outside the house. I stepped out of my car and walked 

inside.''Hi Niall''I heared Harry scream sitting on the couch.Louis had 

come with Eleanor, Zayn with Perrie and Edith(melting),Karola with Marika 

and Liam with a girl i hadn't seen before.''Hi everyone''I said while 

getting greeting back form everyone.''So what's happening. Are we going to 

do something fun?I belive everyone is  very bored because Harry couldn't 

do anything fun?Am i right?''I asked Smiling.''Yeah Haz is boring''Karola 

said while getting hit on the shoulder by Harry.''Hey!''karola 

jelled,''Sorry sis''Harry said with a bitchy face.I chuckled and sat next 

to Louis on a beanbag.''I know let's play truth or dare''Louis said while 

running in the kitchen coming back with a bottle(I know every story has 

this game but i couldn't think of something else).We all sat in a 

circle.Louis went first. He spun the bottle and it landed on Zayn.''Okay 

zayn. You have to tell us something no one knows''Louis said with a 

smirk.Zayn looked at Perrie and she nodded,''We're engaged'',''What? Are 

you serious? Ahhhhh!''Louis said while jumping on zayn and hugging him and 

Perrie.everyone said they're congrats and we went back to the game. Zayn 

spun the bottle and it landed on Harry.''Well,well Harry I have absolutely 

nothing in my mind that you'll have to do''Zayn said laughing.''you'll 

have to Lick Marika's cheek''Perrie spoke.''Iuuu that's nasty'',''If 

that's waht you want Harry said to Perrie and licked marika's cheek,''Ugh 

that was horrible''Marika said wiping her cheek.''Harry your turn''.Harry 

spun the bottle and it landed on Me.''Niall you have to tell someone in 

this room your deepest seacret.You don't have to do this in this 

room''Harry said and I looked at Edith,''Wait,what,me?''She asked,''Yeah 

you.Come on let's go''I stood up and Helped Edith up aswell.I took  her 

hand and dragged her outside.''Let's hear your secret''She said sitting 

down on the porch.''I-I like you.''

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