Dangerous Love

What happenes to Marika if she meets Harry again?Will her secrets come out?


2. Party animal

Marika's POV


''Now you're gonna explain why are you here in the first place''Karola 

asked smiling and sitting on the bed. ''Well,umm..''I couldn't finish the 

sentence because the doorbell rang.''I'll be right back''Karola said 

walking out. I followed her to the door.She opened it and revealed 

Harry.Oh my good! I can't belive I'm seeing him again.I didn't know what 

to do and just stood there and waved at him.''Marika?''he asked,''Hi 

Harry''I said and he came towards me  smiling. I was brought to a hug.I 

liked it.''Kmh, Are we gonna go?''Karola said.We left the house and sat in 

the van. I sat next to Harry and Niall sat next to him. Behind us were 

Zayn,Edith and Karola. And Liam sat next to the driver. We drove about 10 

min and i saw this cool place with colorful light all around the building. 

''So where are we going?''Karola asked Harry.''You'll see'' Harry said 

turning away smiling. We pulled to the back of the building and got 

out.There was a man waiting in the doorway.Harry showed a paper and the 

really big guy opened the door.We walked inside and i saw flashing light 

lightning in my eyes. ''Let's have some fun!!''Harry shouted.Karola came 

up to me and led me to the bar.''Two coca-colas''She asked.''So you 

couldn't finish your sentence because Harry came,So now 

talk''.''Umm,remeber my ex-boyfriend Jason?'',''Ex??''She asked .''Well he 

was a criminal,Sorry Is and well he wanted me to do something so he could 

trust me ,so i ran away because he wanted me to kill someone'',I said 

tears streaming down my face. Karola hugged me''It's going to be okay''. 

''I hope so too''. Harry came to us and he saw my face. ''What happend to 

you??'' ,''nothing '', i fake smiled ''so you wanna dance?'' Harry asked. 

''Sure lets go.''we went to the dance floor,and danceed like crazy. After 

a few songs Liam came and asked me to dance. 

Liam's POV.


I was dancing with a random girl when i saw Marika and Harry dancing. I 

took courage and walked over.''May i asked you to dance?''I asked. Marika 

looked at Harry and he nodded. We walked to the dancefloor hand in hand. A 

slow song started so that means thet most of the people left the 

dancefloor. I held Marika's waist and she put her hands around my neck. i 

looked directly in her eyes and leaned in. Our noses were almost touching 

when Marika pulled back. Marika turned and walked away tears straming down 

her face. I felt so bad about it. I went to the exit,walked out and called 

a taxi. I reached my house, payed the driver and went inside. I wanted to 

punch myself for trying to kiss her. I was so stupid. I was tyred so iI 

went to bed. Too much in one day. I layed down and slowly fell asleep.

Harry's POV.


I was dancing with Marika when Liam came to ask her to a dance. Marika 

looked at me and I nodded. They walked to the dancefloor hand in hand. I 

kind of felt a little jelous. A slow song came on and they were almost the 

only ones dancing. I looked away and saw Niall,Zayn and Edith twerking. I 

laughed and went to the bar. Karola was sitting and drinking a 

cider.''What are you doing?''I asked angrily,''Umm,what?''She asked 

confusingly.''Why are you drinking cider?'',''What?I thought this was 

apple juice.'',''Don't be stupid.You're not allowed to drink.You're not 

old enough'',''Ups''She said laughing.''How many have you had?'',''Umm,i 

got thirsty and,umm, about 6'',''Six? Are you kiddning me?We are going 

home''I demanded.''No! I don't wanna. I haven't danced yet'', You are too 

drunk, Let's go''. I helped her up and supported her because she was not 

able to walk. I walked over to Zayn and told him We're going home because 

Karola's drunk.''What?''Zayn asked''Well she thought it was apple juice.So 

we're going home''.I walked out Karola next to me. I called a taxi and 

stepped in. We arrived at my house and I helped Karola out. We walked to 

the door. I walked Karola to my room and layed her down. I walked out and 

went to the kitchen. I grabbed a glass of water, drank it and went to the 

livingroom and layed down. I putted the water away and fell asleep.

Karola's POV.


I woke up in blue bedroom. How did I even get here. Then I remembered this 

is Harry's bedroom. I stood up and went to the bathroom. I looked at the 

mirror and I saw a really messy girl looking at me. My hair was everywhere 

and my makeup was a mess. I cleaned my face and found a brush. I brushed 

my hair and went downstairs. I smelled pancakes. I went directly to the 

kitchen to see Harry cooking.''Morning party animal'' Harry said 

jokily,''Umm,morning.What happened yesterday?'',''Well I was having fun 

until I saw you in the bar, drinking'',''WHAT? I was drunk. I have never 

been drunk. What was i thinking?How did I get alcohol? I'm not old 

enough.'',''Calm down. I was mad at first but now I'm okay with it. You 

didn't know and that's it''Harry said smiling.




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