The Marauders and I

Rosalinda Jones is a young witch who is a student at Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry. In her first year, she meets the Marauders, Lily Evans, Marlene Mckinnon and Severus Snape. Friendship between some of the people flourish but rivals are also strongly standing.
In her fifth year, something terrible happens to her; and trying to balance that, her OWLs and her friends is not easy. Journey with Rosie as she battles with her magical studies and her life as a teenager


3. Questions

Before the Boys could bombard me with unwanted questions at such an early time in the morning, I stood up and strolled away from the table with my head held high as I used my intuition to find my way to the Charms classroom.

It took ten minutes but I eventually discovered it and found that Marlene was sat somewhere near the back of the room, talking to some Hufflepuff boys whilst Lily already had her nose buried in her book as she flicked her quill across a foot of parchment covering it in looping scribbles. I dropped down beside her and she slowed her scribbling down eventually it cessed when she looked over to me.

“Thought you would have been with Potter.”

“He has not arrived yet. Probably still eating knowing James, besides you looked lonely.”

She smiled at me, “Sorry for the way I acted earlier. Potter just …”

“Potter what?” A cocky voice asked.

I rolled my eyes at James as he dropped into the seat and draped his arm around my shoulders. I mean, this boy is eleven years old for pities sakes and he already acts like that. I hate to think what he will be like in a few years.

“None of your business Potter!” Lily snapped.

“Bit touchy aren’t you, Evans!”

“Go and sit with your friends Potter. You have ruined my day enough!”

“I am with my friend!”

“She’s my friend as well.”

“I have known her longer.”

“She prefers me though!”

“No she doesn’t!”

“Yes she does!”

“No she doesn’t!”

“Yes she does!”

“Who do you prefer?” They yelled at me.

“I am not getting involved in this. You too have only known one another for a single day and you already hate each other,” I stated before looking over my shoulder and shouting, “Marley!”

She looked up at me and I beckoned with my hand. Reluctantly she walked over to me.


“Sit with Lily for me; I think I will have to take care of this one!”

She nodded and glared at James before she dropped down in the vacant seat on Lily’s other side.

“Sorry!” I whispered as I shoved James’ arm off of my shoulder and dragged him over to his “boys” who were sat at the back of the room laughing their heads off.

“Nice of you to join us Ro!” Sirius said with a cheeky grin.

I ignored him as I dropped into my seat with James smirking at my side. When he is sat down I glare at him and say,

“How dare you! How bloody well dare you! Lily is my friend and I do not appreciate you talking to her like that!”

“She started it!” He defended himself.

“Because you and your idiot of a friend decided to make fun of her friend twice in the past two days. Would you like it if she said such things about myself or Sirius?”

“Well no, but I don’t see …”

“Exactly! You would defend any of us. So do not ever do that again unless either of them make a comment to you. Understand?”

He looked at me with utter disgust, not wanting to reply.

“Understand?” I said louder.

“Yes Ro!” He sighed.


“So Ro, about this …” Sirius began but was quickly interrupt by a small teacher with long white hair and beard.

“Welcome, welcome everyone!” The teacher said in a cheery voice, “I am Professor Flitwick, the Charms teacher here at Hogwarts. I do hope you enjoy your time with us and I am sure you will all show wonderful skills in the future in my lessons. But now let us begin!”

                Surprisingly, the two hours passed fairly quickly for Flitwick was a charming teacher who used rhymes to help us remember certain spells and he even let us have a half an hour gap in between the double which most people would be using to travel from class to class were we just sat around talking. It was a great start to the day though I had to keep listening to Sirius and Remus constantly asking me about the information that I had given them this morning, and James and Lily glaring at each other.

At the end of the lesson we all filed of to lunch which passed surprisingly quickly since I was laughing at the consecutive jokes that James threw at me.

“Are you going to tell us or not?” Sirius demanded.

“We have a free later correct?” I asked.

“Yes,” Remus replied.

“I will explain it to you all then. All of you includes Lily and Marley as well.”

“Fair enough.”

“Can’t you just explain it to them later?” James moaned.

“No. They are my friends too. If you want to know they have to know.”

“Fine!” He sighed in defeat.

A grin spread across my face as I grabbed a clean spoon and took a large blob of cake with cream from James’ bowl and ate it with a satisfied grin on my face.

“Oi! That’s my cake!” He stared at me angrily as he watched me eat it.

“It is called revenge my dear Jamesie. You ate my toast earlier and now I shall eat your cake.”

“But … but that’s my cake!”

I sent him a wink as I kept picking at his cake much to his dismay. In the end, we were both battling over the last lump of chocolate cake. Sadly he was won the round for he began to tickle me so furiously that I fell to the side, completely lying on my back with my head in Sirius’ lap.

“Alright Ro?” He cheekily asked as he winked down at me.

“Yes thank you.”

“You gonna move?”

“No thank you. I am rather comfortable actually.”

“You sure?”


“Fair enough!”

I grinned up at him before burying my nose back in my book. A few minutes later, I heard the familiar sounds of Lily and Marley talking as they made their way to their seats near us. When they saw the boys laughing about they glared at them but, much to my amusement, they did not see me lying on the bench.

“Where’s Rosie, Potter?” Lily demanded, “Have you killed her already?”

James sent me a sneaky glance as he looked up and down the table, faking a mocking gasp he said,

“She was here a minute ago!”

Lily, not having released the obviously lie, replied by saying, “Fed up of you already is she?”

“I’m not surprised really,” Marley added, “Who could ever be friends with you?”

Slowly and quietly, I closed my book and put it down. Now completely intrigued by the conversation.

“Meaning?” Sirius asked.

“You and Potter act as if you own the school even though you have only been here for a single day. Well, not even a day yet. How can a girl as nice as Rosie be friends with such pigs?”

A grin flew on my face as James spoke back, “She just has a good taste in boy friends. I can’t say the same for girls though!”

“Oh shut up Potter! At least we will actually do well in school!”

“You think so?”

“We know so!”

Finally I had had enough. With a swift swing of my body, I swung myself up off the bench so that the girls could see me. Both of them looked at me in shock as James wrapped his arm around my shoulder again.

“Hello Ladies!” I innocently smiled at their shocked faces.

“How long … what were you doing?” Lily stammered.

“I was ambushed but then I just stayed there and read some of my book,” I replied indicating to the book in my hands.

Both girls’ cheeks had turned bright red as they looked at me in shock.

“So you heard all that.”

“It was pretty hard not to!”

“We’ll see you later then,” Marley said before she dragged Lily away.

Sirius was beaming with laughter as he tried to successfully breath again as he chuckled uncontrollably. Playfully, I hit him in on the arm as I stuffed my book back in my bag.

“Time to go Gentlemen!” I grinned.

“Why?” James pouted.

“Because we have our first flying lesson in about ten minutes!”

Sirius and James began to grin uncontrollably and they grabbed both of my arms before dragging me away from the table; my bag flying frantically over my shoulder. 


Here it is people, the latest chapter. 

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