The Marauders and I

Rosalinda Jones is a young witch who is a student at Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry. In her first year, she meets the Marauders, Lily Evans, Marlene Mckinnon and Severus Snape. Friendship between some of the people flourish but rivals are also strongly standing.
In her fifth year, something terrible happens to her; and trying to balance that, her OWLs and her friends is not easy. Journey with Rosie as she battles with her magical studies and her life as a teenager


1. How it all began

I watched the single, fat tear that rolled down the cheek of my mother’s melancholy face as she stood staring at me, desperately trying not to cry. Her blond hair whipped around her face by the whistling wind and her ears twitched slightly at the sound of all the other people who were standing around us. But to us, we were alone. As the tear departed from her face, I lunged forwards and collapsed into her arms.

“I will miss you mum!” I muttered, trying to hold back my own tears.

“I will miss you too, but think about it this way, this year will fly by and before long you will be back here with us!”

Whipping a tear from my own face, I nodded and held her in a tight hug.

“Sissy!” A young voice cried.

Pulling apart from my mother, I grinned at a young boy with bright blue eyes and short blond hair. He returned my smile with a toothy grin and I found myself suddenly laughing through a wave of tears. I quickly pulled him into a hug and whispered into his ear,

“No Sam, you’re going to be good for mummy and daddy aren’t you!”

He nodded his head, “’Course!”

“Look after them for me!” I instructed my eight year old brother.

“Will do!”

With a smile, I stepped out of the hug and ruffled his hair, muttering, “Good lad!”

Finally, I stepped towards my father, he looked strangely sad. His face that was usually full of joy was pulled into a tight lipped smile. With a sad sigh, he dropped down beside me. I flung myself into his arms and he rubbed my back supportively as a fresh trail of tears trailed down me cheeks.

“Sweetheart, it will be fine. You will love Hogwarts just as myself and your mother did in our day. I swear it!”

Through my tears, I grinned at him and replied, “I will try, father!”

“I know you will, and try to be the brightest witch in your class. Don’t get into trouble though; I know most of the teachers as if they were my own family. Be good!” I grinned at his comments.

He rubbed the tears from my face and smiled at me lovingly. With a smile, I hugged him once more, and then turned to the rest of my family. I gave each of them my love.

“Keep safe, my child!” Mother whispered as she pulled me into another hug.

“I must go now!” I replied in a sorrow filled tone.

She nodded as she looked me over one final time. With a nod, I took the trolley that held my trunk and sadly pushed it away from my family; towards the train. A man walked over to me and took my overly large trunk from me, leaving me with only my hand luggage.

“Thank you!” I said with a smile.

                Quickly, I waved to my family as I stepped onto the crimson Hogwarts express, just as it lurched into life. The door swung shut behind me and I, like so many others, hung out the window and waved furiously at my family whilst they chased after the train waving as well. I only stopped when the train twisted around the corner and I could no longer see them. With a sigh, I moved along the corridor; searching for an available compartment.

For an age, I walked until I found a compartment with only three boys sat in it. Nerves bubbling up inside me, I open the door and cleared my throat quietly. Each of the boys looked at me, curiously.

“Excuse me, I do not mean to intrude, but would it be alright if I sat here but everywhere else is full?” I asked nervously.

The boys each exchanged glances then the boy nearest me, smiled and said, “Course you can!”

“Thank you!” I replied with a smile.

                Plonking myself down on the free bench, I took my time to look at each of the boys. One sat opposite me had slightly pale skin with a few scars running down his cheeks. He had a head full of light brown hair that neatly lay on the top of his head. He was already in his crisp Hogwarts uniform unlike the two other boys sat in the compartment. He had his head buried in the deep in a thick hard-back book, but he glanced up at me when he felt my gaze upon him; smiling.

Beside him sat a boy with fair skin and long, lustrous black hair that was scruffily sat upon his head. A pair of mischievous grey eyes were staring at me as he raised an eye brow to the bow on his other side.

This boy looked, vaguely familiar. From the way that he was sat, I could tell that he was quite tall and very thin. His hazel eyes were filled with laughter as if he was silently chuckling to himself about something that happened not too long ago. His untidy black hair was flicked up so that it looked as if he just stepped off of a broomstick. He was watching me closely, and then his eyes widened in disbelief.

“It can’t be you Rosie!” He asked me, an eye brow raised.

“I wondered when you would recognise me, James Potter!” I laughed.

“Oh Rosie, it is you!” He practically screamed.

I could not help but giggle at the look upon his face, that mischievous that had caused me so much trouble over the years.

 “I’m sorry,” Said the scruffy haired boy at his side, “But am I missing something here?”

“Sorry Sirius. This is Miss Rosalinda Jones of the Jones family, we ave known each other for years; our mothers were best friends when they went to Hogwarts!”

I grinned at the shocked look on the boy’s, Sirius, face. His eyes widened as he understood who I was.

“James, you are joking right. The Jones’ are the richest, magical family; how on earth are you friends with them?”

A slight chuckle slipped my lips, “Well you certainly are lovely, are you not!”

“What?!” The boy replied.

“Just because I come from a rich family does not mean that I cannot have the pleasure of knowing James Potter!”

He stared at me, and I stared back; a confident smile on my face. An awkward silence filled the room, until James burst out laughing.

“I’m sorry Sirius, but you should see the look on your face. You were just owned by the smartest, most well-mannered person that you could ever meet!”

“Shut up Potter!” He playfully growled, causing the other boy to laugh uncontrollably.

“Rosie, may I introduce to you, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin; both first years.”

I smiled at each of them in turn and then pulled a thick book out of my bag. With a sigh, I settled back into the slight corner of the padded bench and opened the book. A crisp smell of fresh pages floated towards my nostrils and a smile flickered on my face as I began to read.

“So that’s it, you get into an argument with me, tell us your name then read for the rest of the trip!” Sirius voice sounded, disturbing me from my book induced coma.

I flicked my eyes from the page, momentarily, and looked at him, replying, “Obviously!”

“You’re wasting your breath mate,” James said, “Once Rosie gets her nose in a book, only she can say when she has to stop!”

I chuckled quietly under my breath and then began to read; the words consuming me …….

                About four chapters later, I closed the book and stood up; placing my bag on my shoulder.

“Wow!” Sirius sounded, shocked at my sudden movement, “Where are you going?”

“To get changed!” I replied, rolling my eyes at the obvious question.

With that, I left the room and changed.

When I returned not ten minutes later, I realised that my seat had been taken up by a girl with fiery red hair that ran down her back, and a sickly looking boy with a matt of greasy hair on his head. I slid the door open and James flashed me a smile.

“Have I missed something?” I asked.

“Nah, these two just needed somewhere to sit,” James explained.

“And where am I meant to sit exactly?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“How about my lap?” Sirius opted, a smirk on his face.

“Tempting …. very tempting … or, I could easily do this!” I replied.

Just as he opened his mouth to give me some comment, I grabbed his arm, tugged him so that he fell to a heap on the floor, and confidently dropped into his seat. Sirius looked up from where he had fallen, his untidy black covering his eyes. Forcefully, he blew the hair and I smirked at the low of confusion on his face.

“What was that?” He demanded.

“Mother’s idea, she and father have taught me how to defend myself with and without magic; so I would be more careful when you talk to me!” I explained, forcing back a chuckle.

James pulled me into a tight hug and muttered, “God I’ve missed this!”

Playfully, I pushed him away as I heard Remus laughing at us. A few moment later, I wriggled on the seat and made myself comfy, then I looked over at the two arrivals.

“Since no one is going to bother to introduce me, my name is Rosalinda, it is a pleasure to meet you!” I said extending my hand.

“Lily Evans, and this is my friend Severus Snape!”

“Wait, did you just stay Snivellus?” Sirius asked from his seat on the floor.

Snape just rolled his eyes and said to Lily, “You’d best be in Slytherin!”

Sirius just laughed, when he got a furious look from Snape he cocked his head and said to James, “Where you heading, if you get the choice?”

“‘Gryffindor, where dwell the brave of heart.’ Like my dad. You got a problem with that?”

“No. If  you would rather be brawny than brainy!” Snape replied.

“Then where are you going since you are neither?” Sirius shot back.

                Rolling my eyes, I shared a glance with Lily who nodded her head as if she was thinking the same thing.

“Boys!” We said in unison.

“How long have you two known one another?” I asked her.

“Couple of months, he lives down the street. What about you and those three?” She replied.

“I only met Remus and Sirius a couple of hours ago; but I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing Mr James Potter the large part of my life!”

“Ohh, aren’t you lucky!”

“My thoughts exactly.”

                Even though we had only just met, Lily and I were gossiping as if we had known each other for years. We only stopped when we realised that the conversation between the boys had escalated some much that they were practically screaming at one another.

“What is going on here?” I demanded.

“Snivellus was just saying that Slytherin was a better place to go than Gryffindor, which is stupid. All my family are in Slytherin and no way would I want to go there!”

“And what family would that be?” Snape demanded.

“The Blacks!”

A thick silence hung in the air, only to be broken by Snape who said with a cruel laugh, “How are you a member of that noble family?”

A gasp escaped mine and Lily’s mouths as we watched the banter unfold.

“Yeah, well at least I’m not a greasy haired git, who is hiding behind a girl!”

My eyes widened as Snape puffed out his chest, “At least I am proud of my heritage!”

This continued for some time until I had had enough, I opened my mouth to speak but Lily had already started, “That’s enough! C’mon Sev, let’s find another compartment!”

Abruptly, she stood up and pulled Snape towards the door. Throwing him through it, she turned back to me and said, “You’re welcome to join us!”

“No thank you, I think I will be able to survive!”

She nodded her head, smiled at me and then walked off; Snape slinking after her.

“Well,” James said, a huge grin on his face, “That was fun!”

He and Sirius collapsed in fits of hysterics whilst myself and Remus just stared at them in disbelief.

Sirius, suddenly, lifted me up and threw on to the now vacant bench. I stared at him, my mouth hanging open, watching as he sat down in his seat; a cocky eye brow raised at me.

“You are impossible!” I stated, causing him and James to break down once again; even Remus was silently laughing as he continued to read his book. Soon, I found a smirk beginning to form on my face but I forced it away.

However, I had not done so quick enough. James saw the slight smirk and he took it as  an opportunity to leap over to me and began to furiously tickle me. Sirius joined in with the game and soon the room was filled with their laughter and my high pitched squeals as I begged for them to stop. They did no such thing, in fact that began to tickle me much quicker, so quick that I found myself in a giggling huddle on the floor.

“Ro, you alright?” James asked, from his position on the bench.

A giggle was my only reply.


I felt a pair of strong arms lift me up and I was thrown into a person’s lap. James wrapped his arms around me and though I struggled, he pulled me into a bone crushing hug.

“James,” I gasp.

He ignored me.

“James, please I cannot breath!”

He loosened his grip and I dropped my chin so that it was leaning on his fore arm.

“God, I’ve missed this!” He grinned.

“As have I,” I replied.

For the remainder of the journey I sat like that, James hugging me as we joked around. Inside of me, I had a feeling that a powerful friendship was forming; and I could tell that I wasn’t the only one who felt that.

                When the train jolted to a stop, James practically threw me off of his lap. Yet, surprisingly, I did not land on another heap on the floor. This time I was able to steady myself. I grabbed my bag and confidently strode out of the room. When I stepped onto the platform, I heard a loud voice shouting above the sounds of the noisy pupils,

“ First years this way!” Looking around, I saw a man about twice the height as any grown man and about three times as wide. A long mane of shaggy black hair covered his head and a beard covered his head.

“Names Hagrid, I’m in charge of taking you lot to the castle. Leave you stuff here, it’ll be taken to the castle for you!”

Only when I felt a hand on my shoulder did I realise that James and the other boys had joined me. I put my bag with theirs and we walked over where the rest of the first years were gathered.

“Get in the boats, four of you per one!” Hagrid instructed.

A hand grabbed my arm and I was pulled over to a free boat. Remus and Sirius were already in it, and James pushed his way past me. He then held out his hand and helped me into the rocking boat.

“You alright?” He asked as he took the seat beside me.

“I am fine, just a little bit nervous.”

“Don’t be, you will be great!”

I flashed him a smile, and then the boat lurched into life. Fear ploughed through me and I heard a slight cough from besides me. I looked across and saw that James had a raised eye brow and he was looking at his arm. Only then did I realise that I was gripping tightly onto his arm.

“Sorry,” I muttered loosening my grip.

“S’okay!” He replied.

                We spent to remainder of the journey in silence, it only breaking when we caught our first glimpse of the castle; a dark silhouette that shined  in front of the crescent moon.

“Wow!” I whispered.

“I know right!” James replied.

`When the boats came to a stop, James  helped me out and we followed the rest of the first years as we were led up a flight of stairs. People were murmuring things to one another and I couldn’t help but smile as we walked.

“I will take it from here Hagrid!” A strict voice called.

“‘Course Professor!” He stated, then he quickly hurried away.

The owner  of the voice continued to lead us until we were all inside a small chamber which held a large door on the far end, it just blocked out the rather noisy sound of students talking.

                Once everyone was inside, the door which we had entered swung shut and I was able to get a good look at the person who had led us here. The person was a tall woman with black hair and she wore crisp emerald green robes. A stern look covered her face as she looked over us and then she spoke.

“My name is Professor McGonagall, head of Gryffindor house and deputy headmistress at this school. Before you are sorted into your house I must explain some things to you all. Your house is like your family. If you do well you shall be awarded with points for your house. However, if you break the rules you will cause your house to lose points as well as gaining yourself a suitable punishment. At the end of the year, the house the with most points wins the house cup. I expect you to work as hard as you can and act in a respectful manner. Now, wait here!”

With that, she turned and left the room through the large oak doors at the front.

“She was certainly cheerful!” James muttered down my ear, and it took all my power to hold back the giggles.

A small boy besides me, had no such look. He obviously overheard the comment for he suddenly spluttered into a laughing fit. I placed a concerned hand on his back and when he calmed down he looked at me. He was a small boy and rather tubby. He had a rat like face and light mousy brown hair. I extended my hand to him.

“My name is Rosalinda!”

“Peter, Peter Pettigrew.”

It is wonderful to meet you Peter. This is James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin!” I said, pointing to each boy individually.

“Hi!” He muttered shyly.                

“Nice to meet you Peter!” James said kindly.

A cough sounded from nearby and we all glanced up to see that Professor McGonagall had returned.

“They are ready for you now!”

                In time, all the first years stepped forwards and filed through the doorway. I gasped in sheer amazement at the sight that greeted me. A magnificently large chamber with four long table in the centre and another one that was stretched across the front where all the members of staff were seated. The ceiling was the thing that amazed me the most. Candles. Thousands of lit candles were suspended in mid-air with a beautiful back drop  of the night sky etched across the actual ceiling.

“Wow!” I muttered again.

At the tables, students were sat. Students that belonged to each of the great houses. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Each student was sat talking to their friends as they observed the new batch of pupils; seeing who would join their house.

                When McGonagall stood on the platform beside a chair, I noticed that an old hat was sat on it. The Professor picked up a scroll that was beside this hat and stood waiting. Silence reigned supreme, all waiting for something. That was when the hat opened its mouth and began to sing:

I am an old hat

I am a bold hat.

I am a hat that is clever

And as blind as a bat.


Trust me dear children

I know what to do.

I am smart

I will be able to guide you.


So have no fear,

Do not worry.

Before long you will be in a house

Going to classes in a hurry.


Which house will it be?

Which house will I chose?

What decision will I make

That will suit you?

Will you go to Gryffindor

Where the dwell brave at heart

In that house

You will have a great start.


Or maybe it is Ravenclaw

Where the clever ones to go

Maybe it is to this place

Only I truly know.


Perhaps it is to Hufflepuff

I will send you in the end.

This is the loyal ones

I shall send.


But maybe it is Slytherin

Where the cunning to rest

Perhaps is this humble house

Where you shall be supported by the best.


So come my child.

Have  no fear.

Place me on your head

And you shall soon hear.


Trust me young ones

There is nowhere else to go.

So come my child, come

For only I do know!


                A loud cheer echoed around the room when the hat had finished and a found myself grinning at the little hat. Then, McGonagall cleared her throat and all went quiet.

“Crabbe, Vincent!”

The first person strode out onto the stage and the hat was placed upon his head. Momentarily the hat cried,


The boy hurried over to the second table from the left wall to the cheers of the Slytherin’s.  

“Mckinnon, Marlene.”


“Smith, Harriet!”


“Snape, Severus!”


“Amber, Hazel!”


Newton, Tom was sorted into Hufflepuff, as was White, Amber. Marlow, George was sorted into Ravenclaw along with Holt, Alex. Then came,

“Evans, Lily!”

I held my breath as the fiery red head walked up onto the platform and sat down on the stool. McGonagall placed the hat on her head and within  a few moments it cried,


A smile slid across my face as she bounded over to the Gryffindor table (Second table from  the right). However, I did catch her looking at Snape who simply gave her a sad smile. Two more people were called. One being sorted into Slytherin, the other Gryffindor, when …

“Jones, Rosalinda.”

James patted my back and I strode confidently towards the stage. I could hear people whispering my name as I walked, well it was to be expected I do come from a very rich and powerful family. I ignored them though, and continued to walk forwards. When I sat down on the stool, I felt to hat being placed gently on my head and the soft material brushed my ears.

I almost screamed when I heard its voice in my head.

“Well child, where are you to go? You are smart, very smart indeed. And you are loyal to all those that you befriend. Hmmm … you are rather difficult to place. Kindness fills you, and yet there is such cunning thoughts running through your brain!”

It is your decision and I will be happy where ever I am placed; even if that place is Slytherin.

“Hmmm … is that so. Yet, Slytherin would not suit you. No definitely not. You are brave, cunning,  smart and loyal. A trait which all of the houses require but … yes … I think I see it now. Yes, I have made my decision. It had better be, Gryffindor!”

It shouted to the rest of the room.

McGonagall removed the hat from my head and I happily went and sat beside Lily Evans who grinned at me. The rest of the students were placed, and James, Sirius, Remus and Peter were all placed in Gryffindor as well. I grinned at each of them as they sat down and we were soon talking in no time.

                Silence filled the air when a man, who was sat in the centre of the high table, stood up. He had a long white beard that was platted at the front and hair to match. A pair of half-moon glasses were sat on the end of his crooked nose, kind eyes smiling past them. Professor Albus Dumbledore opened his mouth and said,

“I know that we are all craving the wondrous food that awaits us, but I have a few words to say before we eat.  Two actually. Tuck in!”

And at the sounds of his words, the hundreds of plates that had laid empty before us where suddenly filled with the most delicious food that I had ever laid my eyes on. Quickly, I piled loads of food onto my plate and then I followed Dumbledore’s orders. I eat and chatted to Lily and the boys and soon I had eaten my fill and scrumptious desserts were before me. I took a bowl and filled it with small amounts of the tasty treats. After some time, the dirty plates vanished and so did the food.

                Dumbledore stood up and spoke to us once more, “Welcome back to another year at Hogwarts my older students and greetings to you all first years. I am glad to see you all. Now, there are a few start of term announcements that I have to make. First years – and some older students that need reminding – the forest that circles the grounds is forbidden, hence its name the Forbidden Forest and do try not to break curfew, I would hate to see any of you in detention. Now good night and off to bed you go. First years follow your prefects. Off you go. Pip pip.”

With a groan people stood up and began to file out of the room. The Gryffindor first years all gathered together and were led out of the room by a grinning girl in sixth year. I followed, excitement bubbling up inside of me, as we walked up the staircases that changed every so often and past the portraits with people that moved in and out. By the time we reach a large portrait with a woman in it, we were all exhausted. The prefect spoke in a loud voice to the portrait,

“Chocolate frogs!”

And with that, the portrait swung open and a door way was revealed. We all walked through it and the prefect said to us, “Welcome to the Gryffindor common room. This is where you can spend time at Lunch, before and after lessons. If you go up to your dormitories you will find your belongings already waiting for you. Boys, go to the very top and it is the room on your left. Girls the same but to your right. Have a nice evening!”

Then, she left.

                Lily grabbed my arm and after I shouted a hurried good bye to the boys, I was dragged away. When we reached the room, we were hysterically laughing and we found our belongings already waiting for us by our designated beds. Mines was in the centre of them all. Both of us, rushed over to our trunks, grabbed our pjs and rushed over to the bathroom. We stood there for a moment or two, squabbling over who was to go in first when, I simple bumped her with my hip and ran into the room. When I exited it a few minutes later, she was sat on her bed glaring at me and the confident grin on my face. She playfully shoved past me and went into the bathroom, I then took the opportunity to look around the room. Strangely, there were only three beds in the room, Mine, Lily’s and another one; a bed that belonged to Marlene McKinnon – who ever she was.

Just as I was thinking this, a girl with bright blond hair walked into the room and put her stuff on the spare bed. I smiled at her and said,

“You must be Marlene. I am Rosalinda but you can call me Rosie, and the one that is hogging the bathroom is Lily Evans!”

As if on cue, Lily emerged from the bathroom and battered her eye lashes at me, saying, “Who’s hogging the bathroom!”

I rolled my eyes at her as she walked over to Marlene and shook her hand.

“Not that this is not truly amazing, but I am going to go to bed. Good night!” I announced.

Climbing into bed, I smiled at the girls and then slipped under the covers.

“Night,” Lily called.

As I lay there for a few moments, I felt more excitement bubble up inside of me as I thought of the day to come.

This is going to be fun!              


Here we are a new movella. I have wanted to write a Marauders one for ages. It is already on my Wattpad so don't think I am copying it or anything. 

I think I now understand why J.K.Rowling only did two sorting hat songs, they are so hard to write. 

Anyway I hope you enjoy it. Please comment and tell me what you think :D xx

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