Those Wonderful Lads

Lauren, is a superstar. Her dad is the manager, and he makes sure she doesn't make the wrong decisions. Her band and One Direction pair up, and you'll have to see what happens in the book. There are some parts that are shocking, like why would so and so do that? Or what?? Enjoy!


1. The new life

    Six months after my band and I recorded out first album, my manager walked in when we were just hanging out. 
  "Guys I have some news," Phil told us.
  "Yes, is it good or bad?" I asked.
  "It's good news."
  "Tell us!" Drew demanded.
  "Ok, brother just called saying that a band was going on tour soon, and he needs an opening act."
  "Who's the band?" Wyatt asked.
  "He never said. So what do you guys say? Hm, yes or no?"
  We discussed it and we had said yes.
   The next day I approached Phil and asked him when the tour was. He told me that it was in three months, yeah! It gives up time to memorize our songs! 
Brring, brring, brring, brring, brring
Went my phone, while I was practicing.
 "Hello," I said.
 "Hey, babe," my boyfriend Scott responded.
 "Hi, Scott it's not a good time right now."
 "I'm going on tour soon."
 "With what band?"
 "Phil never said."
 "Well I called for one good reason."
 "What's that reason?"
 "I'm breaking up with you."
 "Why? That's not a good reason!"
 "I found someone new."
 "Samantha Woods." 
 I hung up on Scott, first he cheated on me, second he lied to me, and lastly third he broke my heart! 
 Before Scott could call me again, I put my phone on vibrate. Only two more weeks until the tour!

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