Those Wonderful Lads

Lauren, is a superstar. Her dad is the manager, and he makes sure she doesn't make the wrong decisions. Her band and One Direction pair up, and you'll have to see what happens in the book. There are some parts that are shocking, like why would so and so do that? Or what?? Enjoy!


22. The engagement

A few years later...
 Niall and I are living in a flat together. It has five bedrooms. I usually sleep alone, because Niall comes in late from the Paul's house.
  Niall left on a note on his pillow when I woke up. It said:
   Be ready by 3:30, because I want to take you somewhere special. I can't tell you where...
  I set down the note and smiled. I scratch my head, and headed out. El, Amber (Carlson), Amber (Castagna), Mel were all standing their with their notes.
  "What's all this about?" Amber Castagna asked.
  "I have no idea! I woke up and their was a note." I responded.
  "We all woke up with the note," Amber Carlson said.
  "Does yours say 3:30?" I wondered.
  "Yes," they all responded.
  "'s what. 9, 9:30?"
  "It's more like 11," El said.
  "Oh! Lets go get ready!" I exclaimed. 
 I was blowing my hair, super fast so then El could do my hair. I was standing in a towel, and robe.
 *knock kknnnoock knock, knock knock*
 I stopped drying my half wet wavy hair, to answer the door. I looked through the peep hole, and saw Phil. I opened it. Phil looked me up, and down and was about to ask, "what are your wearing?" 
  "I was getting ready, when you knocked. I was blow drying my hair. The other girls have all four of the other bathrooms. Just saying my explanation before you asked," I said.
  "How'd you know I was going to ask?" Phil asked.
  "Your face. Why did you come by?" 
  "Just to check up on you, you know. To see if the house is neat and clean."
  "Zayn, Mel, Amber, Amber, El and I always clean the house every week. Don't worry dad. We are fine. Can I get back to getting ready?"
  "Yes. Goodbye."
  "Bye dad."
  I closed the door, and walked back to the hair dryer. I started it up again.
             Five minutes later...
  I was done blow drying, and started to pick out some outfits. I had a blue dress, green dress, pink dress, orange dress, yellow dress, purple dress, and black dress. 
 Everyone walked in, and saw all of my dresses. They started to want to wear one of mine. Good thing we are all the same size, and have the same waist size too.
  In the end I chose the blue dress. I had put on diamond earrings an a diamond necklace. I walked into the bathroom, and pulled out my humongous make up bag.  
  El came in and started doing my hair. I pulled out a big eye shadow pallet.  Mel walked in and I started doing her make up. She was wearing the purple dress, so I did a light purple and gold eye shadow with black gel eyeliner. 
  El finished my hair, Mel started on hers, and I did El's makeup. She was wearing the yellow dress. I use the gold, and brown eyeliner. It was a masterpiece. 
  "Amber and Amber have you picked out your dresses yet?!?" I yelled to my bedroom. 
  "I'm in mine!" Amber Carlson said.  
  "Come let me do your make up while El does ur hair!"
  Amber walked in, and stood where we could multi task. I started putting her eyeshadow on, where she went to the side. I smeared light pink eyeshadow across her cheek. I took a wet tissue, and lightly wiped it across Amber's face. 
  "Eh! Lauren! Are you almost done with Amber's make up?!" Amber Castagna exclaimed. 
  "Yes!" I responded.
  Amber walked in, with the orange dress on. She was wearing Harry's favourite color.
 "This is going to be hard. Hm...," I thought. 
 I grazed my eyeshadow thing over many colors.
 "Just put gold on! It will match my outfit perfectly," Amber Castagna said.
 "Ok," I responded.
 I lightly brushed it against her lid. She fidgeted a little.
 "Don't move away, please."
 "I'll try not to."
               *skips to 3:30*
 *knock knock knock* 
 I looked through the peep hole, and saw all the boys standing their.
 "Girls grabbed your coats!" I exclaimed.
 They all obeyed and covered their outfits, we didn't want the boys to see our outfits. I grabbed mine, and covered up my dress. 
 El opened the door, and the guys put on a sad face. It was pretty funny to see.
 "What?" I asked.
 "You're covering up your lovely outfits," Niall said.
  "How do you know we are wearing lovely outfits?" 
  "Lucky guess." 
  "Ok then."
  We all walked out in one big group. Girls in front, guys in back. It weird that we weren't by our boyfriends. 
  Getting out of the limo, everyone was attacked by fans. Some took off our coats as we left the huge crowd. My coat was gone, El's coat was gone, and Mel's coat was gone. 
  Some of the boys came out with messed up hair. The girls threw our coats back and it smelled like one thousand girls. Even though their were only, like twenty girls they wear a lot of perfume. I only spray myself twice and that's it. 
 El, Mel, and I quickly put our coats back on. The boys ran across the park to a bridge. El, Mel, Amber, Amber, and I all looked at each other. 
 We all started to rum towards the boys. We were all laughing and smiling. The boys were jut staring at us, like we were crazy.
 It's was 8, and we were watching the sunset from the bridge. All the boys arms were around our waists. All of a sudden, I didn't feel Niall's warmth around me anymore. 
 I turned around, and saw Niall on one knee. I gasped. Then El, Mel, Amber, and Amber turned around. I looked around the bridge. All the boys were on their knees too.
 "Lauren. Will you marry me?" Niall said.
 "YES!!" I exclaimed. 
 Niall got off his knee, and kissed me. It was a wonderful night after that.
Hey guys! For the next chapter I'm just doing the main character's wedding. I don't want it to be too long, and I don't want to run out of ideas. Thx!

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